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100 Thieves Are Your Valorant First Strike Champions

The North American Valorant First Strike Series concluded on Sunday with 100 Thieves becoming the inaugural winners. The first Riot-sanctioned tournament was taken by 100 Thieves in a 3-to-1 series against TSM.

100 Thieves
Courtesy of Riot Games

100 Thieves showed the power of a relatively rookie roster with tremendous talent. After disappointing early rounds in the Valorant professional scene, 100T rebuilt their entire roster around former CS:GO pro Spencer “Hiko” Martin. While this squad only played two months together in total, they took down top organizations such as Renegades and tournament favorites Sentinels before ultimately taking the victory in today’s match.

Hiko played an important role in the game, securing clutches on agents such as Sova claiming much-needed map wins. Ultimately, he took 73 kills in the entire game, making up a good portion of his team’s K/DR.

Praise must also be given to Hiko’s teammates, in particular, Peter “asuna” Mazuryk. While Asuna did not have the prettiest stat lines, he delivered a masterclass on a wide variety of agents to deliver clutch kills that saved the team in fights against TSM.

TSM themselves did not go down without a fight. Their team pushed 100 Thieves into double overtime in Game One, with Stephen “reltuC” Cutler delivering kill after kill for TSM while Matthew “Wardell” Yu sniped down the opposition to take Game 3 and force a potential reverse sweep.

For now, we celebrate 100 Thieves’ impressive victory and look forward to seeing them in upcoming Valorant events.

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