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100 Thieves Beat Sentinels in Epic Showdown to Face TSM in Finals

In a wildy competitive series, 100 Thieves have taken down the juggernaut Sentinels, and will move on to face their final challenge in Team SoloMid.

100 Thieves
Image courtesy of Valorant Esports

It was a series that Valorant fans will remember for a long time, as two of North America’s most talented squads battled it out for the opportunity to compete in the First Strike Grand Final. After 100 Thieves just barely managed win the first map in an overtime on Icebox, Sentinels would eek out on Haven, before 100 Thieves clinched the series with a win on Bind. 

A Highly Competitive Match

These teams were already competing to one-up each other way before the games even started. In typical Sentinels confidence, the team shook up the series by selecting Icebox as the first map, and then picking Skye for Hunter “SicK” Mims and Killjoy for Michael “dapr” Gulino, a first for the Sentinels star. 100 Thieves wouldn’t flinch, however, winning Icebox in overtime fashion. 

100 Thieves and Sentinels are teams composed of a mix of rising stars and cemented legends, and everyone in the lobby managed to pop off and have their moments. Whether it was Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella clutching at every possible moment, or Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk beaming with confidence and satcheling toward the enemy Raze Showstopper, this series was nothing but competitive all the way through. 

No player finished a map this series with less than 12 kills, and everyone held an average combat score of at least 186. All ten players shined, and there were no stragglers holding either team back. 

A Heartbreaking Loss

Image courtesy of Sentinels

While Team SoloMid and Sentinels were the only two teams to win an Ignition Series event, only TSM will be competing to call themselves champions of North America, while Sentinels watch from home.  

Since the roster’s inception way back during Valorant’s beta, Sentinels have been the team to beat. Everyone on the roster is a superstar in their own right, and many believed that they would be calling themselves champions at the year’s end. 

Although 100 Thieves are a massively exciting team, and their matchup with TSM will be a must-watch esports event, many fans were rooting for a rematch of the classic Sentinels vs. TSM showdown that’s defined the North American Valorant scene. 

One Final Challenge 

Image courtesy of Valorant Esports

Now that 100 Thieves have taken down Sentinels, they have their eyes set on Team SoloMid. After beating one of the perceived top-two teams in the region, 100 Thieves will be looking to defeat the other, and take the North American title for themselves.

After months of hype surrounding the buildup and construction of the 100 Thieves roster, fans are finally seeing the culmination. 100 Thieves put total faith in Spencer “Hiko” Martin, naming him the captain of the team back in June. After months of letdown and disappointment, 100 Thieves and their fans are finally getting exactly what they’ve wanted. 

100 Thieves will battle it out in the First Strike Grand Finals against TSM on Sunday, with the action kicking off at 4 PM EST. The series can be streamed live on Twitch and YouTube. 

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