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100 Thieves Sweep their way to Valorant First Strike Semifinals

100 Thieves have booked themselves a meeting with Sentinels in the First Strike semifinals after taking down T1 2-0. 

100 Thieves
Image courtesy of 100 Thieves

It was a close series, but at the end it was Spencer “Hiko” Martin’s 100 Thieves taking the victory against Braxton “brax” Pierce’s T1. 

100 Thieves Finally Coming Together 

After dropping the old Highground roster back in August, the new-and-improved 100 Thieves lineup has been garnering plenty of hype among fans. First it was the signing of Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella, then Joshua “steel” Nissan joined. Finally, the additions of Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk and Quan “dicey” Tran capped off an exciting roster construction for 100 Thieves. 

Now, after months of hype, it looks as though the team is finally coming together. 100 Thieves impressed fans and analysts during the First Strike qualifiers, and their performance against a strong T1 lineup is even more impressive. 

Veterans Complimenting Youngsters

Image courtesy of 100 Thieves

The veteran-youngster duality that exists on the 100 Thieves lineup seems to be working out for the team. The leadership that Hiko, nitr0, and steel bring for both Asuna and dicey is proving to be valuable for the latter youngsters. 

Steel’s intelligence and incredible game sense seems to be rubbing off on Asuna and dicey. In addition to popping off with their mechanical prowess, the two young guns also made plays with their brains, making smart moves and providing essential utility. This type of intelligent play is usually missed on young players, but with their older counterparts helping them, the two youngsters have improved massively in that area.

It wasn’t just the intelligence that was impressive out of the old vets. Nitr0 acted as the team’s main carry, securing himself 43 kills on the Omen. Hiko also managed to pick up 34 kills, while Asuna killed T1 members 40 times. 

T1 Gave it Their All

Despite the 2-0 score, T1 fans shouldn’t be disappointed in the performance of their favorite players. Even though steel managed to secure the victory against his former iBuyPower teammates, Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham had a terrific showing on his usual Jett. Skadoodle’s Operator game was on point, so much so that he seemed to be getting the opening pick nearly every round on T1’s defensive side of Haven. 

New T1 player Ha “Spyder” Jung-woo also managed to find success on the Phoenix, a unique pick for him. After losing Haven while playing Omen, Spyder opted for the Phoenix, possibly trying to get himself back to his roots as an aggressive Overwatch star. 

100 Thieves will move on to face Sentinels in a clash of fan favorites. Both squads are looking red-hot, and that match is sure to give fans a show. On the other side of the First Strike bracket, Team Envy will be taking on Team SoloMid. The winners of those two series will face off to determine who will be crowned champions of North America. 

First Strike continues on Saturday with Envy vs. TSM. The action kicks off at 4 PM EST, and will be streamed live on Twitch and YouTube.

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