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3 Ways to Make Infinite Money in Cyberpunk 2077

Getting a significant inflow of eurodollars in Cyberpunk 2077 can be a bit of a hustle. It involves buying and selling a bunch of junk, completing side jobs, helping the NCPD with reported crimes, and maybe even stealing from the system if you’re up to the task. It’s important to have enough Eddies to buy from shops, purchase cars, enter tournaments, and complete valuable jobs. But if you want to make a ton of money the fast and easy way, there are three ways to cheat the system.

1. Vending Machine Hack

Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

Before trying this method out, it’s recommended that you spend a perk point to unlock the Mechanic crafting perk. Doing this will give you access to more crafting materials after disassembling items. 

There are plenty of vending machines that are scattered around the city. Find the machines that sell items for 10 Eddies each and buy all of the items until it sells out. After adding the purchased items to your inventory, you can dismantle them to get common and uncommon crafting materials.

If you then go to the Crafting menu, you are able to use the materials to create as many uncommon weapons as you possibly can. This will also grant you extra crafting XP for each weapon you craft. After crafting your uncommon weapons, take them to a vendor or drop station to receive your profits. 

2. I Walk the Line Hack

Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

After you meet Placide in Pacifica as a part of the main storyline, you will be assigned the quest “I Walk the Line.” The mission involves infiltrating a mall and eliminating the enemies inside in order to reclaim the territory for the Voodoo Boys. Towards the end of this mission, you will have to fight a cybernetic boss character named Sasquatch, who wields a massive hammer.

Sasquatch can be a tough boss to fight. Her weakness is a glowing crystal found on her back, which provides her with healing. The best approach to fighting her is to short-circuit the crystal before approaching her. This gives you the opportunity to deal a good amount of damage before she gets up. An important factor for winning against Sasquatch is to properly dodge her dashes and hammer strikes. Continue to sabotage Sasquatch’s crystal and aim for her head.

Once you take down Sasquatch, she will be on the ground but still alive. Before killing her, make a new save. Once you flatline her, you will receive 30,000 eurodollars as a reward along with a hefty amount of XP and Street Cred. Then save your game in a different slot once you receive the money and everything else. You can reload to the point before you kill Sasquatch and continue to get the loot from her dead body. Once you exit the boss fight, her body will disappear forever.

3. Space Oddity Hack

Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

After completing the main story mission called “Playing for Time” where you sit with Takemura at a diner to discuss the Arasaka corporation, you will then get access to the side mission called “Space Oddity.” The quest can be found in Rancho Coronado in Santo Domingo in a gas station with a homeless encampment.

You will then find two men standing near a table that you will either negotiate with or eliminate. You then need to get access to the laptop sitting on the table. Getting access will require either hacking it or searching for the dead body that has the code. 

The next part of the mission takes you to the “drop point” where there are seven Militech soldiers armed to the teeth. You will have to go in with guns blazing and take the painting from the center capsule.

Take the painting to the closest drop box and sell it for 4,000 Eddies. If you interact with the drop box after selling the painting, you can re-purchase it for 5 Eddies. Everytime you sell the painting you will profit 4,000 Eddies.

It’s no secret that Cyberpunk is sort of a broken game. It’s time to break right back. Use these tips to speed around Night City like the big-shot mogul you are. 

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