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5 Games Parents Should Buy for the Holidays

Parents, it may be hard to find a present for that special gamer in your life. My job is to make that a bit easier. Here are five games that should be in your cart for the holidays. 


Just a few quick notes before we get started. This list is not all encompassing, nor is it trying to be. Rather, this list was compiled as a way to give the special gamer in your life something they will enjoy, regardless of age or price range. Additionally, these games aren’t necessarily that difficult either, so a wider range of players can fully enjoy them. 

All that said, here are five games – in no particular order – that should be on every parent’s radar this holiday season. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Screenshot courtesy of Sony

Starting off the list is Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Exclusively for the PlayStation 4 (or PS5 if you managed to get one), Miles Morales is a relatively cheap option – retailing at $50 USD, sales notwithstanding – but that doesn’t mean it’s a bargain option. 

Miles Morales has everything gamers want in a video game: a gripping storyline, a lively and immersive world filled with interesting set pieces, gampleay easy enough to pick up and dive into, and a diverse cast of characters surrounding the eponymous character. It’s not overly violent either. 

Though there is no multiplayer, Miles Morales doesn’t need it – it’s a strong enough game on its own. Players will easily spend up to, and more than, 25 hours playing through the storyline and the various minigames along with collecting the secrets hidden throughout the city. The amount of content available in-game is more than enough to suffice any shortcomings Miles Morales has. 

(Note: the game is set during the holiday season. Make of that what you will.)

Among Us and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Image courtesy of Innersloth

Although I initially stated that there would only be five games, I’m going to cheat a little bit and include an additional one because you can’t go wrong with either choice: Among Us and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. 

A straightforward premise, Among Us is a fun multiplayer game in which a group of players must “sus” out the Imposters while at the same time, completing tasks to help the group win the game. On the other hand, imposters must take out all the crewmates or just enough of them to win. Players can discuss with each other whom they think is the Imposter and vote on who they think it is. 

It’s intriguing and suspenseful, regardless of whether you’re playing as an Imposter or Crewmate. Currently, Among Us is free on mobile and $5 on other platforms. 

Image courtesy of Mediatonic

If battle royale-type games are more in line with what you’re looking for, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the way to go. Available on Steam and PlayStation 4 for $20, Fall Guys is an extremely colorful game and very fun in it’s own right. 

Up to 60 players compete to see who among them can make their way through the course and win the crown. There isn’t really anything else to talk about except that it’s an incredibly vibrant game with a myriad of characters to choose and it’s easy to pick up and play. 

Overall, you can’t go wrong with either Among Us or Fall Guys.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Image courtesy of Nintendo

The fifth entry in the Animal Crossing series, New Horizons was released on the Nintendo Switch during the height of the pandemic to almost universal acclaim (the game, not the pandemic.) Players and reviewers alike praised the game, which won Game of the Year at the Japan Game Awards and was nominated for three awards at the Game Awards. Though it didn’t win Game of the Year at the Game Awards, it won Best Family Game. 

A life simulation game, New Horizons allows players to roam and create an island that they want. They can also visit other players’ islands and interact with them. Overall, it’s considered to be the best game in the series and is the perfect game to relax to, especially amid a pandemic. 

It’s available on the Switch for $60.

Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater 1+2

Image courtesy of Vicarious Visions

(For the purpose of this list, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 will be referred to as one entry.)

With skateboarding being an official sport in the Olympics, what better way to celebrate its inclusion than by playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 (THPS). A remaster of the first two Tony Hawk Pro Skater games, these games aren’t very complex: combine the most tricks to get the most points and complete challenges to unlock more levels. 

The fastest-selling game in the franchise, THPS allows players to create their own characters and skate in a variety of locations from all over the world to their hearts’ content. The game also has a fantastic soundtrack to boot so if you need to take a break from skateboarding, chilling out and listening to the tunes is totally acceptable. 

THPS is available on all platforms for $40, though with sales, that price has dropped even further. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Image courtesy of Square Enix

Lastly arguably one of the greatest games of all time, Final Fantasy VII (FF7) got a remake in 2020, much to the delight of fans everywhere – including here at Stropse – and ended the year with a “bang.” As such, what better gift to give that gamer in your life than getting them a remake of one of the most respected games in history?

Upon release, the FF7 Remake received incredibly high praise from everyone that played the game. It’s one of the fastest-selling games on PlayStation 4, and Square Enix was lauded for their ability to stay truthful to the original game, especially since the original was released in 1997. 

FF7 Remake is an action role-playing game with real-time action and strategic elements. Though there are many games in the series, the FF7 Remake is the most popular and one that can’t be missed. 

It’s exclusively available on PlayStation 4 for $60, though current sales have it listed for $30.

In all, any game on this list is sure to please the gamer in your life. None of the games on the list are overly violent either, so gamers of almost all ages can enjoy them. 

Nonetheless, if one of these games on this list are gifted, expect a lot of thanks and enjoyment this holiday season. 

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