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7.28 Update Brings New Abilities & Items to Dota 2!

The much awaited 7.28 gameplay patch is finally out under the name of The Mistwoods Update! It adds new conditional abilities for ALL 120 Dota heroes alongside massive hero changes, including the addition of the new agility hero, Hoodwink. Coupled with all-new items, this update is the biggest change to Dota 2 since the 7.20 update.

Photo courtesy of Valve

The biggest item addition of this patch is the Aghanim’s Shard. It costs 1400 Gold, and any hero that owns it has the option to choose a new ability or improve an existing one permanently. This item can be purchased and consumed after the 20-minute mark, much like the Aghanim’s Blessing, which adds a permanent buff to your hero. This is the game-changer.

There are over one hundred new abilities added to the game and 12 new items. There are a handful of early game items, but the most significant ones are meant for the late game. With a lot of mid-game items becoming useless in the late game, IceFrog has now added the erstwhile useless items as components of the new late items. Late game meta will be the most affected with this change. How they impact the duration of games will be seen soon enough as players navigate the new update, and new balance patches arrive in the coming days.

Here are the new items added to the game:

Fluffy Hat

The item costs 250 gold and grants 125 Health, making it a super-early game item meant for surviving skirmishes or getting through hard lanes.

Falcon Blade

Flacon Blade is made with Fluffy Hat, Sage’s Mask, Blades of Attack, and a 225-gold recipe. The item grants +150 Health, +1.6 Mana Regen, and +10 Damage, making it a early-mid game item.

Orb Of Corrosion

This item requires Blight Stone, Orb of Venom, and a Fluffy Hat. It provides +150 Health, 13%/4% (melee/ranged carrier) Slow, 3-Magic DPS, and 3 Armor reduction. The debuff lasts 3 seconds. The Blight Stone and Oov finally have utility outside of the early game with an added upgrade path in Orb Of Corrosion.

Witch Blade

This item is made up of Blitz Knuckles, Chainmail, Robe of the Magi, and a 600 gold recipe. It gives+35 Attack Speed, +12 Intelligence, +6 Armor, and +300 Projectile Speed. The attack applies a 25% slow on enemies for 3-second. The item has a 9 second passive cooldown that procs on attacks whenever available. Witch Blade seems to be a cooler, slightly nerfed mix of Prince’s Knife and Orb of Destruction with added stats to compensate for the gold cost, making it a mid-game item.

Aghanim’s Shard

Already covered above. Trade 1400 gold to get a new ability or improve an older one.


Gleipnir requires a Maelstrom, Rod of Atos, and a 700 gold recipe. It provides +30 Damage, +20 Intelligence, +12 Strength, and +12 Agility making it a lesser Trident of sorts. This item passively provides 160 damage Chain Lightning proc. Thea active targets a 450 AoE to lightning strike each enemy unit in the area, disabling them for 2 seconds while dealing 220 damage.

Mage Slayer

It’s comprised of a Cloak, Blade of Alacrity, Claymore, and a 600 gold recipe. The item provides +20% Magic Resistance, +20 Agility, +20 Damage, and causes the owner’s attacks to place a -35% Spell Amp debuff on enemies (which makes spells weaker by 35%). The buff lasts 4 seconds.

Eternal Shroud

Eternal Shroud requires Hood of Defiance, Voodoo Mask, and a 1100 gold recipe. The item grants +8.5 HP Regeneration, +20% Hero Spell Lifesteal and +4% Creep Spell Lifesteal making it a lesser Octarine Core, sans the cooldown reduction. As an upgrade to Hood of Defiance, Eternal Shroud’s active grants the owner a shield that absorbs up to 400 magical damage and converts it to mana. The shield lasts 12 seconds and costs 50 mana. Consider this a personal Pipe of Insight, only better.

Helm of the Dominator

The good ol’ Helm of the Dominator can now be upgraded to Level 2 with an Ultimate Orb and a 1600 recipe. This item allows the owner to possess Ancients. The dominated creep has its minimum health increased to 1800. The owner gets +20 all stats, +8 armor, and +8 HP regeneration.

Overwhelming Blink

Thematically akin to Bracers, Wraith Bands, and Null Talismans, the first of the three Blink Daggers is aimed at Strength heroes. It’s comprised of a Blink Dagger, Reaver, and a 1750 Gold Recipe to grant you +25 Strength. When the owner blinks to a targeted location, all enemies in an 800 AoE get 50% movement slow and -50 attack slow for 6 seconds. Additionally, they take damage equal to 200 + 100% of your strength.

Swift Blink

Aimed towards Agility heroes, Swift blink requires a Blink Dagger, an Eaglesong, and a 1750 Gold Recipe to grant you +25 Agility. When the owner blinks to a targeted location, they gain 30% phased movement speed, and +40 Damage & Attack Speed for 6 seconds.

Arcane Blink

Mean for Intelligence heroes, Arcane Blink requires a Blink Dagger, a Mystic Staff, and a 1750 Gold Recipe. It grants +25 Intelligence, and when the owner blinks to a targeted location, they gain -50% Cast Point (spell animation is faster) and 25% Ability-Cooldown-Reduction for 6 seconds. This buff does not affect the owner’s items.

Wind Waker

Given the addition of the Octarine Core – homage to Terry Pratchett and his Discworld series – it’s possible Wind Waker is a reference to the classic Legend Of Zelda game. Requiring a Eul’s, Mystic Staff, and a 1600 gold recipe, the item grants +50 Movement Speed, +6 Mana Regen, and a massive +35 Intelligence. It allows the owner to cast the Eul’s Cyclone ability on allies as well. Upon self-cast, the owner can move the Cyclone anywhere at a speed of 360, making it a great late-game support item for repositioning shenanigans.

The 7.28 update also adds 14 neutral items to the game. You can look at the entire changelog in-game or on the official website here.

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