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A Gamer’s Guide to Working Out

I love pizza and ice cream. I eat Funyuns and Red Bull for breakfast. Lounging in my gaming chair with bad posture, crumbs on my shirt, I had sore knees, numb feet, tense shoulders, and an aching back (not just from carrying my teams). Or at least, I used to. But when I decided to change it up and move around more often, adding some workout time in-between games, I started to feel better almost immediately. I turned my between-game ritual into stretching my hands, standing up, bouncing on my toes, and shaking out the kinks in my muscles and joints. Soon, I noticed I was playing better, with quicker reaction times, far-improved decision-making, and optimized gameplay. And I’m not alone.

A Gamer's Guide to Working Out
Courtesy of Microsoft

Recently, quite a few large streamers have stressed to their viewers the importance of working out and being in shape, and for good reason. Remaining physically fit is paramount not only in keeping your mental health in check, but also in making the most of your gameplay. In a study of active adults, the CDC proved that those who regularly exercised achieved higher scores on their reaction time as well as decision-making. Being in shape doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym and look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, it simply means that some physical activity will go a long way. I personally come from a cold climate and, since playing with cold hands is the worst,  find time to stretch before a few pushups/jumping jacks to get that blood flowing. Only then can I smash my keys and completely dumpster lobbies. But don’t just take my word for it: look below for some content from large streamers who advocate for being physically fit and working out.

The best computer in the world doesn’t make you a better gamer; quick reaction times, active thinking, and the ability to learn do. Only once you utilize these tools and improve on them even further can you maximize your full potential.

We all know the hype and emotion of making an insane play and how pumped we get on that Victory Royale. It’s a great feeling, and winning is always the best. I’m not saying that working out is going to win you every game (I would for sure look like the hulk if that were the case,) but it can improve your gameplay a great deal as well as make you feel better every day. You upgrade the parts for your computer for maximum performance, why not upgrade your own performance as well? We are all capable of keeping ourselves at full HP with a little bit of physical activity. Flexing on your competition in the game as well as in the mirror? That’s a double win.

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