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A New Cold War AK Blueprint Has Been Revealed In Warzone

The new season has begun for Warzone and players are eager for new cool stuff. A new weapon has been tweeted by ModernWarzone and it seems like this new blueprint will please players for sure. The new AK blueprint includes four rocket exhausts attached at the back of the AK. You can see the video itself and also a screenshot below to examine it better.

The new blueprint was welcomed by the community, including Call of Duty team member of the Florida Mutineers and LA Thieves‚Äô owner Nadeshot, who tweeted about it. The tweet got so many interactions in a small amount of time and is now spreading throughout the internet. Most of the feedback is pretty much like, ‚ÄúIT IS INSANE!‚ÄĚ

Courtesy of Activision

The ModernWarzone account also shared another video with a better quality and lightning which was recorded outside in the game. The exhausts lighten up when the player reloads the AK as seen in the video. To be honest it actually looks super cool. This blueprint might be the beginning of a futuristic-looking weapon era in the game.

On the other hand, other than the positive feedback some players complained about how the new blueprint was far away from being realistic. This also makes sense since an attached rocket exhaust behind an AK is a little weird but still acceptable.

Courtesy of Activision

The release date of the weapon is still uncertain. Activision did not make any official statement about it yet. Seems like hyped Warzone players got to wait a little more but when they add the weapon in the game, we are going to see a lot of AK players!

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