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A New Metro Game Is In The Works

Thinking of Metro getting a multiplayer system brings back the memories from Fallout 76’s horrible launch. Both of these are great post-apocalypse games, and we’ve seen how making an online-only game can pan out when not done right.

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4Games recently announced that not only did they partner up with Saber Interactive, but there will be a new Metro title coming out soon. The Execs even stated that they are planning on adding in a multiplayer mode for the first time ever in the franchise, but it’s not a given. They’re still very much devoted to creating the single-player experiences that we’ve grown accustomed to over the last three games, so even if they do add it in, it doesn’t seem like it will be an online-only title.

If they do decide to push forward with the multiplayer, they don’t necessarily have the same options for modes that we see in other FPS games like C.O.D or Battlefield, mainly because the weapon diversity just isn’t there, and they would most likely have to create dozens of new guns and equipment items to add some variety to that. 

Instead, co-op missions really seem to be the appropriate response here. Helping other online comrades with missions would be a very welcoming entry for the franchise, and I can’t help but admit that exploring with a friend would make the experience better. 

However, I also have to admit that a Metro battle royale mode would be pretty fun, and the constant need to change your gas mask filters would add another aspect to the storm.

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A multiplayer mode in Metro would be welcomed, but thankfully, it’s not set in stone at the moment. We’ve seen how single-player games introduced to the multiplayer side can really degrade your experience in the game (Fallout 76 on initial release), but adding a multiplayer system into the game doesn’t spell death right away. There’s a ton of avenues they can go down to create interesting multiplayer modes if they decide to. 
If you aren’t looking forward to the next Metro game having a multiplayer mode, you might be happy to hear that Metro Exodus is getting revamped for the current-gen consoles, and people who already own a copy of the game on XB1 and PS4 can get a free upgrade when it releases.

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