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A Preview of New World, Amazon Game Studios’ New MMO

Today, select players and streamers were given code to the alpha of Amazon Game Studios’ new MMORPG New World. This is huge news and it keeps with Amazon Game Studios’ trend of sporadic game releases, first seen titles like their FPS Crucible, which was released in May 2020 before returning to closed beta in June 2020. The New World preview is available until September 4th. 

A Preview of New World, Amazon Game Studios’ New MMO
Aeternum. Image courtesy of Amazon Game Studios

New World is set in the 1600s where players colonize a fictional land based off of early British-America called Aeternum, the Eternal Isle. On Aeternum, players fight against immortal zombie-like forces called “The Corrupted,” conquering the evil that still lingers on the island. The trailer of the game here gives you a good idea of what you’re up against:

Personally, after watching streamers on Twitch play the preview, I enjoy the world and setting. It’s not completely medieval since there are firearms and gunpowder, but the presence of magic and supernatural forces solidifies the escape to another world. Through simply playing the preview, no one was able to gather much info about the continent of Aeternum except for the rumors that it holds great power and treasure. I love the inclusion of this surprise element, as it leave something for the players to find out and discover. What we do know is that Aeternum is special due to the presence of a magical-plutonium-like mineral called Azoth. A material that can be used to enhance things, some characters see Azoth as a fountain of youth and some see it as the deadliest weapon.

A screenshot from a New World cutscene including Azoth. Courtesy of Amazon Game Studios

In keeping with this split, there is a lot of contrast between the beautiful landscapes in the game and the semi-wasteland dark magic creatures of The Corrupted.

The Spriggan, courtesy of
The Corrupted, courtesy of Amazon Game Studios

After watching hilarious streamers like Asmongold and Lirik play, I can conclude that the game’s graphics look pretty good. My favorite part was watching players battle with fire magic, as the blasts and explosions were great to watch. Twitch streamer LIRIK leveled up with another friend that had a preview code and seemed like he had a great time. This was also due to the games proximity chat feature, which leads to more-realistic gameplay as well as fantastic moments between streamers and players alike. 

Image courtesy of Amazon Game Studios

The play style seems very similar to most MMORPG’s except for that the game is classless, so based on the equipment you have, you can change your fighting and play style on a dime. This is expanded by the in-game crafting, where players create, upgrade, and customize their equipment to suit their needs rather than their predetermined class.

Without predetermined classes, players’ abilities are defined by attributes they put points into when they level up like Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution. 

Image courtesy of

These attributes improve things like your weapons damage, special ability cooldowns, mana point regeneration, and health pool. Attributes have a soft cap at 60 points and additional added points have diminishing returns. There is also no ‘tab targeting,’ so players have to manually aim attacks and spells. 

Image courtesy of Amazon Game Studios

New World also has an opt-in PvP mode that rewards players with extra experience and items to reward them for the extra risk. On top of the PvP mode, there is also an interesting concept called “Invasions” for players above level 50, where every 4 days, hordes of The Corrupted raid villages for players to defend. 

One of the most interesting parts of New World to me is their clan system called Companies. Players can create Companies that take over Settlements that are scattered throughout the map. Once a Settlement is taken over, players can create a player-run city that can be fortified and upgraded with crafting stations and even tax systems. 

Settlements. New World screenshot courtesy of

So far, the New World preview looks like a refreshing spin on the MMO genre. It features classic elements most of us love from an MMORPG as well as a series of unique additions like Settlements and the classless system to ensure a memorable experience. With this game topping Twitch’s charts and thousands of streamers entering the world, I have no doubt there will be a lot of secrets uncovered in the coming days. Stay tuned!

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