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All of the Possible Romances in Cyberpunk 2077

Developing romantic relationships adds an exciting element to playing RPGs, and a game where you can customize your genitals bears no exception to that. Cyberpunk 2077 gives players the option to explore several relationship options with characters you meet either during the main story or by way of side missions. 

Depending on your chosen gender type for V, you have the option to romance other characters based on the decisions you make during side missions. If you don’t have their preferred body type, they will reject your flirtatious advances. None of these relationships are required to be romantic but creating romances will affect your game’s ending. So if anybody catches your eye, here are the steps you can take to make sure you don’t screw it up.

1. Panam Palmer (Male V romance)

This photo, and all photos in this article, courtesy of CD Projekt Red

You initially meet Panam as a part of the “Ghost Town” quest, where the two of you team up to track down Anders Hellman. By the end of this quest, you have the option to flirt with her by offering to share a room at a motel when she says that she is ready to fall asleep.

Following “Ghost Town,” you can meet with Panam by the Gas Station at midnight to start the “Lightning Breaks” quest. Helping her take out power plant security and overheating the AV terminals will show her that you are keen on helping her settle her scores and build trust between the two of you.

Panam will call you on the holo for assistance in retrieving a captured Saul, which is the “Riders on the Storm” side quest. After saving Saul, the three of you will be trapped inside of a little house in the Badlands due to a severe sandstorm. The two of you are left alone, which gives you the opportunity to flirt with her. She will be reluctant at this point to start any kind of romance with you, but she will be made aware of your intentions.

During the quest “With a Little Help From My Friends,” you are to keep Panam’s plan a secret from Saul. There is also a moment in which the two of you talk alone away from the others. It’s important for you to tell Panam about “following that impulse” and touch her hand. Later on when the two of you sit next to each other at the campfire, you have the option to scooch closer to her and gaze at the stars together.

During the “Queen of the Highway” side quest, you will get to take the Basilisk for a drive with Panam as your co-pilot. Panam will then bring up those “impulses” in a suggestive way. After giving her permission to touch your hand things get real steamy. By the end of this side quest, you can kiss Panam as you say goodbye, which will officially have her romanced by you.

2. Judy Alvarez (Female V romance)


You are originally introduced to Judy by Evelyn at Lizzie’s Bar. She initially doesn’t trust you much at all, knowing that you and Evelyn are partaking in a very risky mission. However, over time she does learn to trust you and may even develop feelings for you.

You will have to complete the full list of main jobs involving Judy to be able to unlock the side quests. These include “The Information,” “Automatic Love,” “The Space Between,” “Disasterpiece,” and “Double Life.” Your dialogue decisions during the main jobs will not affect your chances at romance with her.

During the “Both Sides, Now” quest, all you have to do is be nice to Judy while she is grieving the loss of her friend. After completing that quest, you will eventually receive a text message from Judy to start the “Ex-Factor” quest. All you have to do here is help Judy talk to Maiko in Clouds. 

You will then have to complete the “Pisces” quest by following Judy’s orders instead of letting Maiko go on. Deciding to spare or kill Maiko in this moment will not affect your romance with Judy.

The final side quest with Judy, “Pyramid Song,” gives the two of you the opportunity to take your relationship to the next level. Inside of the cottage when sitting next to Judy in the bathroom, choose the option to touch her and things will get steamy. The morning after, you will sit by the lake with Judy and enjoy a warm cup of coffee. Let her know that what happened the night before wasn’t just a one time thing and it will establish a long-term romance.

3. River Ward (Female V romance)

River is a morally good cop that you won’t be able to meet during the main story. After finishing the “Life During Wartime” mission, you will receive a call from Elizabeth Peralez to start the side quest “I Fought the Law.” It is during this side quest where you meet River in order to have him help you investigate the murder of the former town mayor. Nothing you do in this mission will affect your relationship with River.

River will eventually give you a call on the holo for the side mission “The Hunt.” When Dr. Packard discovers you in the lab, be sure to take sides with River and choose “I wanna see for myself.” While riding in the car with River after leaving archives, accept his offer to tell you a story over a beer sometime in the future. It is important that you find all of the necessary clues within the Braindances available in the trailer to save Randy successfully. Edgewood is the correct location to choose in order to save Randy. At the end of the quest, choose dialogue options that showcase your interest in River.

River will text you after completing “The Hunt” and you will have the option to say “we should celebrate.” He will then call you later to invite you to a family dinner. When you go to the dinner, you can play with the kids and join in on family conversation all to the delight of River. Once the two of you reach the tower, the dialogue choices will set you up to flirt with him and the option to kiss him will pop up. What comes next gets pretty steamy. In the morning you can let River know about your intentions. The game , unfortunately, does not give you a very satisfying ending in terms of your relationship with River. This may change in the future with downloadable content from CD Projekt Red.

4. Kerry Eurodyne (Male V romance)

Kerry played the bass as a part of the original lineup for Johnny Silverhand’s cult rock band named Samurai. After completing either “Blistering Love” or “Chippin In” during Rogue’s questline, you will meet Kerry at his mansion during the “Holdin’ On” side quest. Here you will let Johnny take over to talk to Kerry about getting Samurai back together for a reunion show.

After “Holdin’ On,”  you will need to complete “Second Chance” to retrieve Sandy from Totentaz in order to play with the band for the “A Like Supreme” quest. A day after the show, Kerry will call you to start the “Rebel! Rebel!” quest. After completing this quest he will pay you and promise to keep in touch. Eventually he will call you again for the quest “I Don’t Wanna Hear It.” None of your decisions during these side quests will affect your relationship with Kerry.

It is when you meet Kerry at Dark Matter for the side mission “Off the Leash” that you will have the option to talk to Kerry about his emotions and his feelings about being a celebrity. Make sure that while on the balcony you tell him “But you did make it” and kiss him when given the option before leaving him to give him some alone time.

Eventually, Kerry will give you a call to start the side quest “Boat Drinks.” In order to further your relationship with him, accept his offer to join him on his yacht cruise. Join him as he decides to destroy everything on his boat in a fit of chaos and fun. While helping him break a pole, you have the opportunity to kiss him. Things then become steamy. Then smokey, because the boat is now on fire and the two of you have to dive into the water to escape the explosion. As the two of you watch the yacht burn from afar on the beach, let Kerry know that you care about making the relationship long-term. Similar to the romance with River, the ending of the game won’t be very satisfying in terms of your relationship with Kerry.

5. Meredith Stout (Male and Female V romance)

Meredith provides a romance that is unique compared to the others in that any body type can seduce her and she is no more than a one-night stand. It is best to think of her as a secondary romance option that plays little-to-no part in the whole of the story. During the Act 1 mission”Going Pro,” you have the option to meet with Meredith in order to receive a data shard for the conclusion of the mission. Choosing not to meet with her will make it impossible to romance her.

Once you have the shard in your possession, be sure to use it with the virus on it and fight your way through the Maelstrom base. Once you escape the base, meet her outside and talk nicely with her. She will reward you by letting you keep the Flathead. 

At some point during Act 2 of the story, you will receive a text from Meredith. After she tells you to pretend that the two of you don’t know each other, reply saying that you were just starting to like her. Agree to meet with her at the No-Tell Motel where she will be waiting for you in a tiny dress, which causes things to get steamy. This is the extent of your interactions with Meredith. Might sound like a shame, but you do get a non-lethal blunt weapon from the bedroom at the No-Tell Motel as a sort of consolation prize.

Other secondary romances that play a small role in the grand scheme of the gameplay are Johnny Silverhand’s flings from the past. You will have a flashback sequence as Johnny doing the deed with Alt Cunningham backstage at a Samurai concert. You also have the option of rekindling a romance with Rogue for a short-lived second by giving Johnny momentary control over V’s body for a date night. 

If you want to explore Night City as a strong and independent V that don’t need nobody, go right ahead. However, you might find that you would be missing out on some dramatic action during side quests and being rewarded for establishing intimate connections with characters that you develop feelings for. You can think of it as making up for the lack of romance that you currently have in real life. Sorry, but you know it’s true.

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