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All There is to Know About the Resident Evil 8 Leak

I have only once been so scared by a videogame that I had to avoid playing it at night: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. I’m not ashamed to admit that by the first boss battle, I was scared shitless. Eve years later, this game still gives me an uneasy, thinking about time spent locked in a dark room, headphones on, fighting my way through the game’s terrors. This is why when I heard about a leak for the upcoming 8th part of the Resident Evil series scheduled to come out sometime in 2021, I was thrilled.

Although some purists like to be completely surprised by games, I for one love getting every little bit of information available. For any fans of the Resident Evil series, this decently-large leak is a must-read, giving juicy information on the game you can’t get anywhere else, including a major boss battle.

Before I go any further, this is the last chance for you to get out if you want to stay spoiler-free until the game comes out. Even if you can’t bear to sully your innocent eyes, feel free to take a look at the thrilling trailer released last month if you haven’t already. But for those who want to know every last drop of knowledge, here we go:

Courtesy of Capcom

Starting off, the game will be called Resident Evil: Village and the main protagonist will be named Ethan Winters. Keeping with the theme of the previous game, it will take place mostly in a dark and dreary environment rumored to be a castle. Weapons discovered in the game so far include pistols, shotguns and an indestructible knife. There is also apparently a difficulty mode on the game called “unfair” which, keeping to the name, is supposed to be extremely hard to defeat. Surely, gamers will have a fun time testing their skill in this difficult mode.

The game is also rumored to be coming out on old platforms as well as the upcoming new generation of gaming platforms. Continuing on, there is apparently a boss battle which has the player fighting a witch named Olga who, like the bosses in the previous Resident Evil game, can control large swarms of bugs that will attack the player. According to more leaks, there will also be an old woman dressed in robes who will act as an item shop for the player.

These leaks have only made me more excited to play the game. It seems as though the next chapter of Resident Evil will stay with some aspects that made the series great to begin but will continue to innovate and modernize existing formulas. Once the game’s finally out, I can’t wait to plug in my headphones, turn off my lights, and put on my diaper. Count me in.

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