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Almost 1.5 Million PUBG Mobile Players Got Banned For Cheating In 6 Days

Tencen just announced that 1,498,044 PUBG Mobile accounts were banned between December 4th-10th. The company shared a pie chart of both specific hacks and cheaters’ ranks.

PubG Mobile
Courtesy of Tencen

Mobile battle royale games have been a huge deal for the community lately. Smartphone usage rate increases day by day, which makes gaming spread faster and hit big communities. PUBG Mobile is a great example of this. The game’s player base keeps growing, which has pros and cons. The most common con has to be cheating. Almost 1.5 million accounts were banned in 6 days, as was announced via a PUBG Mobile tweet.

As you can see, the protagonist of the ban wave is Bronze players. They take up most of the pie chart with 29%. Bronze players don’t really have anything to lose as they can’t get demoted, so that might be the reason why they cover most of the chart. Diamond, Platinum, Crown, Gold and Silver players come after them. Even if they cover a small part of the chart, seeing Conqueror players is actually surprising. People wonder if they got there by hacking or they grinded their way to the top and then decided to cheat.

The third picture shows which hacks were used mostly. Auto-aim hacks have been a huge problem for the FPS games since the beginning. Locking your aim in on an enemy’s head makes the game a lot easier for you and unfair for other players. On the other hand, X-Ray Vision is also a common hack for the same game genre. These hacks help you see through walls and other structures.

Lastly, it is important that Tencent hunted these illegal activities and punished them immediately, as well as sharing it on social media. 1.5 million bans is a huge number considering the time interval. The company will continue its fight against illegal activities and make the game “playable” for other gamers.

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