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Almost 2.4 Million Accounts Banned In PUBG: Mobile For Cheating

PUBG: Mobile has been very popular since its release. Players from across the world play the game on every platform. It’s not a surprise that Android users can find pirated content pretty easily online, allowing them to cheat and disobey community rules. Luckily, Tencent does not show any mercy to these players. The company announced that almost 2.4 million accounts were banned due to cheating.

PUBG Mobile
Courtesy of Tencent

PUBG: Mobile announces details about ban waves actively on Twitter. According to the announcement, Bronze players cover a big majority on the pie chart. Sadly, although Bronze players have a big place on the chart, it is possible to find a cheater in every rank. Even if you grind way up to the best rank, there are cheaters who also made it there by cheating.

As shown above, a total of 2,395,953 accounts were banned. This number covers 18-24 December. 2.4 million accounts in a week? If only 2.4 million accounts were banned, PUBG’s actual player base must be really huge.

The company’s earlier announcement from December 4th to 10th included 1.4 million players. There are two possibilities for this matter. Cheaters may have increased or Tencent’s system of punishment and cheat understanding got better. We hope the second one is the matter here. This allows better gameplay for all players.

Tencent uses “Ban Pan” as the headline of the event. We are calling it an event because the company showed transparency by revealing info about it almost every week. We hope it transforms into a tradition and Tencent clears its game from cheaters entirely.

PUBG: Mobile will eventually get better in time with the “Ban Pan.” Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to wipe all the cheaters and restrict a third-party hack from a game. Hackers will always find a way in.

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