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Am I the Only One Who Remembers the PSP?

I remember it like it was yesterday: I saved up money for weeks, rode over to GameStop, and proudly bought my first gaming device, a PSP. As I look back on that memory and the memories of all the games that would follow, I have to ask myself: was it all just one big dream? Even in the PSP’s heyday, I was the only one of my friends to have one. It seemed that the device never really got too popular, but I loved it. However many years later, I have to wonder whether or not the system’s faded into obscurity.

Courtesy of Sony

A little background on the PSP for those who don’t remember or were simply not even born yet. The PSP came out in 2004 and was marketed as the most powerful portable console ever created. It was the first product to ever really compete with the famous Nintendo handheld console the Game Boy.

So, what happened to the PSP? Well soon after the device came out, a new era of video games emerged. Developments of newer PlayStations and Xboxes were hyped up around the gaming world and these consoles were simply better than the PSP. A small handheld device really cannot compare to a real-life console that can connect to whatever TV you want.

Though the PSP didn’t have the movie-watching capabilities of the consoles to follow, it could also play movies. I recall buying the fist Saw movie for my PSP and watching it over and over again after I went to bed, hiding under my covers so my parents could not see. These are really the type of memories that make a game console memorable.

But once better things came out the PSP was pretty much entirely forgotten in the public eye. As of today, no more PSPs or even Game Boys are being produced, so it is safe to say the product is officially dead.

But even though it’s dead to the public, my PSP lives on in my memories. The PSP will always have a special place in my heart, even if I did only play it for 6 months. What about all of you? Do any of you remember the PSP or similar underrepresented consoles? Let me know if anyone has any good memories, or even if you still have one tucked away in the deep depths of your closet.

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