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Among Us Announces Its Newest Map at The Game Awards

Among Us has just revealed its biggest map to date at the Game Awards. The Airship is now set for lift off in early 2021.  

Among Us
Courtesy of Innersloth

The Airship is far more elaborate than previous maps, equipped with ladders and elevators that players will need to use to access different areas of the ship. The new map also features new tasks and offers players multiple spawn points following a meeting, which allows players to avoid grouping up and being easy targets for imposters.

The new map was first teased last month on the official Among Us Twitter account as its first tweet.

From developer Innersloth, the game is free to play on the app store, and has all but taken over the Steam platform. Among Us is an interactive multiplayer experience set in outer space and has rapidly grown in popularity since the summer.

Although Among Us released in June 2018, it did not gain the immense popularity it has today until the summer of this year. It has over 86 million downloads on the app store and has left a big impact on social media, even striking the interest of US representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who streamed the game on Twitch to raise money for charity.

Despite not releasing this year, the hit game walked away with two major awards tonight, including Best Multiplayer and Best Mobile Game.

Quite the eventful night for the crewmates over at Innersloth.

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