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Among Us’ new map will be revealed at The Game Awards

InnerSloth’s social deduction game Among Us is getting its fourth map soon. The game’s next map will be shown for the first time at The Game Awards, which will start on December 10th. Still, a little tease has just been given on the Among Us official Twitter account.

The company sent out the tweet with the caption, “For your eyes only!! Don’t show the impostors!!” before adding “Hungry for more? Keep an eye out for The Game Awards on Dec 10. It’s getting real suspicious over there.” I don’t know about you, but not giving all the information right away is kinda sus for me.

Among Us
Photo courtesy of InnerSloth

2020 has been a rough year for everyone around the world (except imposters.) Despite being published in 2018, the game is living its best life this year. It even has been played by a congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, on Twitch. And now, crewmates have finally obtained a new place where they can fulfill their duties.

Photo courtesy of InnerSloth (from The Henry Stickmin Collection)

There isn’t much information on the new map yet, but, thanks to the official Twitter account of the game, we have a sneak peek. It looks like the players will try to avoid the imposters in a ship where there is a vent in the middle. Even though only one room has been shown, this one looks more clear and purified from untidiness. Also, a wifi box to download something and a wiring box to fix some cable issues will be in the shown room. The new map also refers to “The Henry Stickmin Collection” game, another title from InnerSloth.

Among Us has started to lose its popularity both on Twitch and among players recently. After their period full of records, Among Us aims to reclaim its place on the top.

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