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An Arcade Player’s Dream: You Can Now Buy Your Own Big Buck Hunter

Ever since I was a kid, I have dreamed of having my very own house arcade. My dream may be able to become a little more of a reality as everyone’s favorite arcade shooting game, Big Buck Hunter, will soon be available for purchase by any super fan.

Big Buck Hunter
Courtesy of Play Mechanix

Big Buck Hunter is a classic hunting game where players control a weapon and try to shoot the biggest animals. The more computerized animals shot, the higher the score, the more likely you’ll get your name on the all-time greats list. Be careful, though: if you shoot a baby you lose the round.

Consumers can preorder the machine right now on BestBuy’s website for only $550. A pretty small price for a childhood dream if you ask me. The game will include two guns and four games, Big Buck Hunter Pro, Big Buck Safari, Big Buck Hunter Pro: Open Season, and Big Buck Safari: Outback. The game is a ¾ style replica which means it will not be quite as big as the regular game found in an arcade or bar, but it will be big enough to look legit and small enough to fit in most places in your house.

This is just the latest of the arcade releases available for purchase, in addition to a Street Fighter game and a Marvel game. With the way things are going, dedicated buyers with enough dough will be able to have a full arcade in their house pretty soon. So, what do you all think? Is 550$ a good price for a dream addition to your man cave or game room? Let me know if one of you are planning to get one because I call first dibs on playing it.

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