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An Overview of Fan Art: How Creativity Drives Creativity

The culture around gaming and esports is quite naturally a vibrant environment. The diversity of games available and the multitude of ways to engage with gaming contribute to a fan group that is chock-full of creative energy. One particular way that this energy is expended is through fan art, which has taken on a life of its own in the gaming community. Fan art is a beautiful example of how inclusive and expansive the gaming community is as well as a visual reminder of the way creativity in the form of game creation and exploration drives creativity from fans. 

Fan Art

This act of creativity driving creativity is a really beautiful way to see how much influence a game can have over the lives and happiness of the people within the gaming community. It also adds to the inclusivity of the gaming community, as all art-type people can find a place in the gaming community; even if they aren’t constantly gaming, they can find their own niche. The world of fan art within the gaming community has created a space for gamers and artists alike to expand their interests and explore gaming in a way that opens up the gaming world to everyone.

Fan art can be as simple as sketching out a favorite symbol or character from a game, or as complicated as digitally creating an entire world from the gaming community. This art can be created by anyone in the community, from graphic designers to people who are just fans of a game and want to mix their love of a game with their passion for creating artwork. The expansive options for who can make fan art and how many mediums the art can be made in make this aspect of the gaming community an exceptionally inclusive one, which is noteworthy in a community that has on occasion been rather exclusive. Fan art makes gaming accessible to anyone.

Courtesy of @LloydyDesigns on Twitter
Courtesy of @LloydyDesigns on Twitter

These images are from the Twitter account of @LloydyDesigns, a professional esports graphic designer, who is in the beginning stage of a project to showcase the care of creation that goes into professional esports designs. In contrast, art that is made by fans of gaming can be just as extraordinary as professional designs, such as the below photo, which was digitally created by the user known as u/duifel on Reddit.

Courtesy of user u/duifel on Reddit under r/pokemon

This photo, which u/duifel drew digitally over the course of six years, contains all of the pokemon up to gen seven. This example of fan art showcases just how much time and effort can go into creating art purely for the enjoyment of the game and the aspect of creation. 

Fan art can be professionally-made or designed by fans of a particular game. It can be extremely detailed or it can be a simple-yet-meaningful design. Much like the gaming community at-large, the fan art community is made up of a host of individuals of different levels of talent, dedication, and interest. Whatever your interest in gaming may be, there is room in the fan art community for you.

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