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Dylan is a copywriter by trade but an ink slinger of all things from eco-friendly plastics and road cycling tips to sketch comedy and sports coverage. A lifelong fan of (anti)hero-centric RPGs like Witcher and Zelda, Dylan is excited to join the gaming community and begin telling stories that put some respect on the esports name. He’s also a super fan of Stephen King books, can say the alphabet backwards in under five seconds and is a professional wedding singer — all of which have nothing to do with this position.

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Ten of the Toughest Gym Leaders to Tangle With

Some Pokémon gym leaders are better than others. Here are 10 that put up the best fights and pushed our squads to the limit.

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Video Game Characters Entertainment

Hitting the Hardwood with A Dream Team of Video Game Characters

When ball is life, hoops fans can relate anything to the hardwood. Dylan and Jarrod drafted their dream team of video game characters. Who you got?

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PS5 Releases

PS5 is Leveling the Playing Field with Anti-Cheat Tools

As gaming technology continues to evolve courtesy of the brilliant minds of industry moguls like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, gamers like you and me are …

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Xbox Game Pass Releases

Xbox Game Pass Bringing 20 Bethesda Games Into the Mix

The Xbox Game Pass is showing mad love to gamers by bringing 20 Bethesda bangers to their already-loaded library.

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Dungeons & Dragons Releases

Hugh Grant, Sophia Lillis Added to Cast of Upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Movie

As if Paramount and eOne’s untitled Dungeons & Dragons feature didn’t have enough star power, the distinguished table of talent will soon be enriched with …

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N64 Community

N64 Console Lands in The Guinness World Records.

A Massachusetts modder broke the world record with a custom Nintendo console which bridges the past and the present of gaming.

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