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Dylan is a copywriter by trade but an ink slinger of all things from eco-friendly plastics and road cycling tips to sketch comedy and sports coverage. A lifelong fan of (anti)hero-centric RPGs like Witcher and Zelda, Dylan is excited to join the gaming community and begin telling stories that put some respect on the esports name. He’s also a super fan of Stephen King books, can say the alphabet backwards in under five seconds and is a professional wedding singer — all of which have nothing to do with this position.

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FaZe Clan and FaZe Rug Launch New Podcast “All Grown Up”

FaZe Clan seems to have done it all, and FaZe Rug is the cream of the FaZe crop. But here comes the latest explosive venture: a customized podcast.

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Mt. Rushmore Releases

Mt. Rushmore of Video Game Characters: Who Belongs?

Eight candidates, eight arguments, four spots on the Mount Rushmore of gaming. Who would you choose?.

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She Dreams Elsewhere Releases

Titles of the Future: She Dreams Elsewhere

Take a trip into She Dreams Elsewhere, but be careful. Sometimes the nightmares won’t let you go.

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SkateBIRD Releases

Titles of the Future: SkateBIRD

Tony Hawk isn’t the only bird capable of shredding halfpipes. SkateBIRD gives a new gnarly persona to our avian friends.

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Saturnalia Releases

Saturnalia: Titles of the Future

Learn about the terrifying labyrinth awaiting you in Sardinia, Italy with an aesthetic design you’ve never seen before. How long will you survive in Saturnalia

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Ten of the Toughest Gym Leaders to Tangle With

Some Pokémon gym leaders are better than others. Here are 10 that put up the best fights and pushed our squads to the limit.

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