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Dylan is a copywriter by trade but an ink slinger of all things from eco-friendly plastics and road cycling tips to sketch comedy and sports coverage. A lifelong fan of (anti)hero-centric RPGs like Witcher and Zelda, Dylan is excited to join the gaming community and begin telling stories that put some respect on the esports name. He’s also a super fan of Stephen King books, can say the alphabet backwards in under five seconds and is a professional wedding singer — all of which have nothing to do with this position.

My Posts

Xbox Game Pass Releases

Xbox Game Pass Offering Additional Bethesda Games This Week

Xbox Game Pass is continuing to diversify its collection with additional Bethesda games being brought into the fray as early as this week.

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The last of us Releases

Silent Hill And The Last Of Us Vinyls Are Back on the Market

Two previously sold-out video game vinyl soundtracks return because nothing quite slaps like vinyl.

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Pokemon-themed Releases

Nothing Says Happy Anniversary Like Pokemon-themed…fishing lures?

In celebration of Pokemon’s 25th anniversary, the Pokemon Company is releasing a set of fishing lures because why not?

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PlayStation Releases

Say Goodbye to PlayStation Store’s TV and Movie Purchases or Rentals

Playstation Network says “see ya later” to movie and TV purchases and rentals.

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Pokemon Legends Releases

Four Peculiar Details in the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Trailer

There a few potential storyline hints in the new Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Did you see them too?

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Silent Hill 2 Releases

Is There a New Silent Hill Game on the Horizon?

Let me start by saying that I consider myself a horror genre connoisseur. Movies, games, books, you name it, I can’t get enough. And there …

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