Dylan Hildebrandt


Dylan is a copywriter by trade but an ink slinger of all things from eco-friendly plastics and road cycling tips to sketch comedy and sports coverage. A lifelong fan of (anti)hero-centric RPGs like Witcher and Zelda, Dylan is excited to join the gaming community and begin telling stories that put some respect on the esports name. He’s also a super fan of Stephen King books, can say the alphabet backwards in under five seconds and is a professional wedding singer — all of which have nothing to do with this position.

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Titles of the Future: New World

Get ready to swap your pulse rifle for a colonial musket because gaming of the future is heading back to the past. Amazon Game Studios is …

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The Power of Pokemon Go: How We Found Solace During the Pandemic

The plan in 2020 was to make it the best year that no other ever was, but as you know, 2020 hasn’t quite played out …

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Titles of the Future: Marvel Avengers

I’m sure you, like myself, have considered at one point or another what it would be like to be a superhero. If you had the …

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Esports Is Legit and It’s Time to Accept It

There’s no denying that esports has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past decade earning it the status of “cultural phenomenon.” And for …

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