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Izzy Salant is a native Marylander who froze to death for 4 years studying Theater and Journalism at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He then realized he preferred the warmth and relocated to Los Angeles. His goal in life is to tell stories, and has channeled that passion into playwriting, screenwriting, and journalism. His work has been featured at the Kennedy Center in DC, Bema Productions in Canada, and now Stropse, where he is serving as the Asst. EIC and Head of Breaking News. He also really likes Paper Mario games, like a lot.  Follow him on Twitter @izzysalant

My Posts

Kalei Renay Breaking News

Welcome to FaZe Clan Kalei Renay!

Less than 24 hours after FaZe hinted (read: actively tweeted) of a new FaZe member, we have our answer. Welcome to FaZe Clan Kalei Renay!

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Phil Ranta Interviews

Phil Ranta: Logging Out of Facebook into a Wormhole

Phil Ranta, former head of Facebook Gaming and current CEO of Wormhole Labs, sat down to talk about the gaming industry. In the end, we talked about so much more.

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Xbox Live Call of Duty

50 Free-to-Play Games Which Don’t Need Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft announced today that 50+ free-to-play online multiplayer games no longer require an Xbox Live Gold membership to play.

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FaZe Breaking News

FaZe Clan Releases Official PUBG Jersey… for only 72 Hours!

The jerseys, which come in red and black and feature FaZe and PUBG logos, are available for the next 72 hours.

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FaZe Breaking News

FaZe Clan Acquires The Peeps, Enters Rocket League Scene

FaZe Clan has acquired professional Rocket League Team The Peeps, marking FaZe’s first entry into the world of Professional Rocket League.

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Crimz Community

A Student, A Dad, and A Dream: A Stropse Interview with Crimz and Dave

Crimz has had quite a life as professional gamer, from attending online school to winning over 100k in tournaments. Now as he looks towards the future, let’s take a look at his and his father’s story.

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