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Jacob Boren is a freelance writer with a fond love of all things media and tech. After a year of ghost-writing SEO content for numerous blogs, he wrote for ScreenRant and covered topics he felt passionate about. As a soon to be father of one, when he’s not helping his wife in preparation for their child, he’s usually writing or immersed in the latest competitive games. You can find him on his newest insta @Bazilonetp

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Demon's Souls Releases

New Rumor Says Demon’s Souls Is Getting A Movie. How?

According to a notorious leaker, the hit Sony exclusive Demon’s Souls may be getting a cinematic universe. How would that work out?

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MonsterDFace Gives us a Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Fortnite Scene

We sat down with man of many talents MonsterDFace to talk about his work commentating, organizing, and operating the Fortnite community. Wow, this guy is cool.

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FNCS Competitive

FNCS Finals: EU, NAE and NAW

FNCS S15 finals have wrapped up. See which trios outlasted their opponents enroute to some major cash prizes.

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Xbox Business

Xbox To Host Bethesda Event In (Possibly) Mid-March

Microsoft and Bethesda’s plans are going public soon.

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ContractorsVR-vs-Onward-1 Entertainment

ContractorsVR vs Onward: Which Should You Buy?

Whichever one you choose, you’re in for hours of entertainment.

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Konami Outsourced Silent Hill, But To Where?

Another Silent Hill, another Studio: according to VGC, Konami has handed off the Silent Hill reins to yet another developer.

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