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Jake Perl is the editor-in-chief of Stropse.com. Planning to graduate from Emory University in 2021 (nation-willing,) Jake currently walks a careful tightrope of full-time Stropse work, classwork, and novel writing. Versed in prose, poetry, journalistic writing, playwriting, screenwriting, TV writing, and foxtrot dancing, Jake’s currently writing a coming-of-age book about young adulthood and dreams of working on a TV writing staff. For more information, go to his website jakeperl.com, or his LinkedIn, https://www.linkedin.com/in/jake-perl-775301155/ .

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GameSquare Champions Esports Economics in Q1 Financial Call

Esports industry powerhouse GameSquare just hosted a call which provided details on their 2021 first-quarter earnings and promising future. Here’s what you need to know.

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From a Packed House to the FaZe House: Family Man Faxuty Talks Making it Big

Faxuty was chosen out of more than 200,000 applicants to join FaZe. Once you meet him, you understand why. Welcome to the FaZe 5 Series.

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Hearthstone Releases

Hearthstone’s Bonanza of New Features in the Year of the Griffin

In the past year, Hearthstone’s done a great job alienating some of its base players with a number of pay-to-win changes. With the new Year of the Griffin, Blizzard seeks to win players back, and we’re excited.

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He’s Got the Plan: Talking with The VP of Talent at Night Media, Michael Gordon

We were lucky enough to talk with Michael Gordon, the VP of Talent at Night Media, about his work in the industry and how he finds connection along the way.

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From Cancer to CEO: Talking with Balanced Esports’ Klemm

Bailey ‘Klemm’ Klemmensen has had more than his fair share of health struggles. Now, he’s taking his own experiences and using them to better the community.

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Stropse’s Special 1,000th Article

The Stropse editors take a fond look back at 1,000 articles on the site by celebrating (see: lightly roasting) the writers.

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