Jarrod Castillo

Jarrod Castillo

A multi-faceted and multi-award-winning journalist, Jarrod Castillo has covered everything from sports and entertainment to mental health. After graduating from USC with an M.A. in Specialized Journalism, Jarrod cohosts, writes, edits and produces “The Shooting Bricks Podcast,” focusing on sports and video game news. In his free time, he’s perfecting his jump shot, copping sneakers or getting 100,000 gamescore. Catch his bad takes on Twitter on @CastleofJays.

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GDC Community

GDC’s the Future of Gaming Panel: A Recap

Moderated by Dean Takahashi, the lead writer of GamesBeat at VentureBeat, Jason Rubin and Michael Verdu discuss the future of gaming.

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Watching Lil Gaz Make it Big: A Stropse Exclusive Interview

We sat down with up-and-coming artist Lil Gaz to talk about his music and the role video games have played in his career.

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Will there actually be a stand-alone Call of Duty Zombies game?

If so, what would it even look like, and how would it even function, if it truly is a stand-alone game?

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Outbreak Releases

My thoughts on “Outbreak”

After playing the new mode for a few hours, here are my thoughts on Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War’s “Outbreak” mode.

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Microsoft Business

Microsoft formally announces the acquisition of ZeniMax Media

The deal to acquire ZeniMax Media was first announced in September 2020 and has just now been formally announced.

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Luminosity upsets Immortals in NA Masters quarterfinals

Luminosity Gaming beat Immortals 2-1 on March 13 to advance to the North American semifinals.

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