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Jose Nateras is an L.A. based Actor & Writer from Chicago. A graduate of Loyola University Chicago, he has an MFA in Writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). A screenwriter and playwright, Jose is a contributor for The Gamer, The A.V. Club, Otaquest, and elsewhere. His debut novel, Testament, was released by Ninestar Press. Follow him on Twitter: @JoseNateras & Instagram: @JLorca13

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Diablo Community

Highlights from the Blizzcon Diablo Q&A

The second day of Blizzcon kicked off with a Q&A session with designers and executives of the Diablo franchise.

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Diablo Releases

Blizzcon Coverage: Diablo Deep Dive & Diablo II: Resurrected

A panel hosted by MrLlamaSC and Diablo’s development team shared details regarding the work to bring 2000’s Diablo II to 2021.

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Diablo Releases

The First Diablo News from Blizzcon

As Blizzcon starts off it’s weekend event of news and announcements, the con’s opening ceremonies included updates on the gaming giant’s major titles, including the Diablo franchise.

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Years Later and ‘Breath of the Wild’ Still Surprises

Youtuber Waikuteru has discovered an unreleased shrine and a debug room hidden in the coding of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”

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A Chat With Justin Kenna, the Risk-Taking CEO of GameSquare Esports Inc.

Check out our interview with former FaZe Clan CFO and current CEO of GameSquare Esports Inc., Justin Kenna.

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esports Business

One Month Down, Eleven to Go: What Lies Ahead for Esports in 2021

Based off of marketplace trends and analytics, here’s a look at what the rest of 2021 may look like for the world of esports.

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