Kirsten Carey


Kirsten is a professional nerd who makes her living from some amalgam of music, writing, and sound effects editing. Her freakish adoration for anime and video games was exercised as a long-time veteran of Channel Frederator and Leaderboard. Her music-inclined projects include multimedia band Throwaway and the Legend of Zelda cover band The Seven Sages. Her most fervent wish is that Pokemon were real. Follow her on Twitter @kircarey and on Instagram @kircareygtr.

My Posts

Pokemon Community

Stropse Writers Create Their Pokemon Dream Teams

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pokemon, Stropse writers have dared to imagine their Pokémon dream teams.

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Pokemon Snap Releases

Updates on New Pokemon Snap from Today’s Pokemon Direct

Today’s Nintendo Direct revealed more information and a closer look at the upcoming Pokemon Title: New Pokemon Snap.

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Hades in Greek Mythology: Persephone

After much wait, check out the latest edition of Hades in Greek Mythology! This time, we cover everyone’s favorite season girl, Persephone.

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Animal Crossing Releases

Mario Items Are Coming To Animal Crossing March 1, Includes Working Warp Pipe

Today’s Nintendo Direct revealed the new Mario items coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons, starting March 1.

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Everything Legend of Zelda-Related We Learned on the Nintendo Direct

While the Nintendo Direct wasn’t the rallying announcement of the 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda that many were hoping for, it definitely wasn’t …

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Little Announcements Releases

All the “Little Announcements” from Today’s Nintendo Direct

All the quick game announcements that didn’t receive the spotlight during the Nintendo Direct.

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