Rachel Mailhot

Rachel Mailhot

Rachel E. Mailhot is a recent graduate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., where she studied Games, Simulations, Arts, & Sciences, with a concentration in Writing. Rachel has worked on several indie games and game projects, including the Global Game Jam game Cosmo, which she still lists as one of her favorites. Interests include: playing D&D and Pathfinder, petting cats, and getting excited about story driven narrative games.

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Return of Them Entertainment

The Return of Them Rundown – DST drops Eye of the Storm

They’ve been here all along. DST’s Return of Them season finale, the Eye of the Storm, is live!

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Lemon Cake Entertainment

Lemon Cake, Cute Bake! A Must-Play Indie Game

Who knew running a bakery was so time consuming? Fix up Miss Bonbon’s old shop and make that sweet, sweet dough for both you and your customers.

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Contradiction Entertainment

Contradiction: Good Game, Bad End

Can a game be both good and bad? Contradiction toes the line, offering some excellent story and gameplay with a budget-shortened ending.

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Stanley Parable Entertainment

The Stanley Parable Article

Stanley clicked on an article titled ‘The Stanley Parable Article.’ It was an interesting introspective on The Stanley Parable and its various iterations. ‘How fascinating,’ he thought.

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Omori Entertainment

Omori: Fighting Emotions

“Everything is okay.” Although, for Omori, it’s really not. An indie horror RPG released after a six-year-long development, Omori’s story is cute and horrifyingly tragic.

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SOMA Entertainment

SOMA: Deep Sea Horror

What makes us human? Is it our biology, or is it something more abstract, like the thoughts and emotions that make up our minds? SOMA

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