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After spending 8 years of his childhood playing soccer, Sinan was captivated by the beauty of esports in high school, and started his career as a semi-pro player, but then decided writing suited him more so he’s been working as an esports writer and a social media manager for more than 2 years. Sinan graduated from Marmara University recently, with a bachelor’s in Sports Science, and is studying Social Media Management. You can follow him on Twitter @sinankkoyuncu, and Instagram @sinankoyunncu

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Tsack Competitive

Tsack, Moe Have Been Benched from Fnatic’s Valorant Roster

Even though it’s been only two months under the Fnatic banner, the old SUMN FC roster faced changes.

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Riot Games Community

Riot Games Reveals Mid-Season Invitational 2021 Group Stage

The group stage will contain 12 teams, which are all region champions.

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Tencent Business

Chinese Police, Tencent Bust World’s Biggest Video Game Cheating Provider

The police department seized a huge number of assets within the raid.

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Valorant Roster Competitive

Dignitas Releases its Men’s Valorant Roster

Consecutive losses led the organization to disband the team. Dignitas will continue its journey in Valorant with its women’s roster.

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Rocket League Season 3 Releases

Rocket League Season 3 is Coming on April 7 with New Collaborations

The racing world’s two greatest names will join Rocket League with the start of Season 3.

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G2 Esports Adds Ozzy, Benches zeek from its Valorant Roster

G2 will try to reclaim its throne in Europe by picking up a new IGL for the rest of VCT 2021 Stage 2.

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