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Battlefield 2021? r/gamingleaksandrumours User Leaks Inside Details

Take this with a grain of salt, as this is the internet after all. r/gamingleaksandrumours has been the home of many hit-or-miss speculations about upcoming games, especially as of recent. Hogwarts: Legacy was buzzed about here before its official announcement, and, if the rumors are true… Battlefield 6 will take place on American soil.

Courtesy of FirstPost

r/gamingleaksandrumours has over 100k subs to its name, meaning there are tons of supposed leaks into the upcoming game. One user, u/William_Flichtner, spilled the beans about the new Battlefield game hitting us in 2021. He spared no detail on what he saw and even described where the war-stories will be taking place.

The Setting

The user states that the story will be set around NATO’s conflict with Russia, essentially starting World War 3. The war-stories that we’ve seen in the previous games have made their way back. He states that one of them will revolve around the US Army fighting off the Russians, and another seeing an MI6 Agent trying to stop an attack in Eastern Europe. From what he’s said, it looks like every war-story will have you stop the Russian advancement into NATO territory.


What is Battlefield without the large-scale battles? The Reddit user reports that we will be seeing 64-player teams on both sides for a whopping 124 player battle. EA has recently confirmed that they are planning on having more players per team on multiplayer, so it seems this claim checks out. Featured modes include:

  • TDM
  • Conquest Battles
  • Dominations
  • Breakthrough and Grand Operations

New to the modes is Grand Operations, which he claims will be over a span of five days, with each day won providing the army with a set of advantages. These are rumored to be stackable, meaning that the advantages increase with each win the army wins. Whoever wins on the fifth day is the winner of the match. He explains that even if you were to lose all four rounds and win the last one, you’d still win the match overall.


The Reddit user was only able to see three maps: the suburban map, the European city, and the Russian forest. He states that the suburban map features a town hall, a shopping mall, a drive-in, and even a park. He also says that the map is 1.5x’s the size of Hamada from Battlefield 5, to give a reference.


Posts like the one I described are made every day on r/gamingleaksandrumours, and thankfully, a good bit of them turn out to be true. As for the credibility of u/William_Flichtner’s claims, we can’t say. A brief look into his profile shows that he’s only made one post in the entire year he’s had his account, and that’s if he hasn’t deleted any previous posts. He also doesn’t have any prior comments but seems active in many gaming subs. So, what do you think? Are you gearing up for a NATO-focused Battlefield, or are you strapping on your anti-conspiracy tinfoil hat? Let us know in the comments below.

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