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Battlefield 6 insider hypes upcoming game

An industry insider has stated that the upcoming title in the franchise, Battlefield 6, has started to receive very positive feedback. I have said before that I think the Battlefield games do not get the hype they deserve. I really do enjoy playing them, and it seems like this next game is specifically trying to make the game do more of what the fans want.

Battlefield 6
Courtesy of EA

The game will be able to hold up to 128 players in a single map, allowing players to get that large map/large scale warfare that people love so much about this series. The game is also getting better prerelease feedback than in years prior. This is always a good look for a game, as there is for sure going to be more work done down the line, which will only make the game better.

More good news for fans of this series: besides working on Battlefield 6, the developers are also working on a remake of Battlefield 3, according to a rumor. This would be huge if true as the 3rd game in the series is known for being one of the best.

It is good to remember that this information has all come from leaks, which means you honestly have to take it with a grain of salt. We will really have to wait until 2021 to truly know how good or bad the game will be. I’ve got my fingers crossed there are only good things to come.

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