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BBL Esports Sweeps Futbolist, Becomes Champion of VALORANT First Strike: Turkey

First Strike: Turkey ended today with with a one-sided BBL Esports victory against Futbolist. The series that was watched by more than sixty thousand viewers, who witnessed an exciting competition.

BBL Esports
Photo courtesy of Riot Games Turkey

Here’s the recap of the grand final. BBL esports started with a 1-0 advantage, due to advancing from the upper-bracket.


BBL selected the first map of the Grand Finals: Haven. Having a good start, BBL Esports managed to expand their lead while on the attacking side to 4-0, but Futbolist adapted quickly and tied the score 6-6 at the end of the first half. You need to be good at retaking if you want to win in Haven, and that is exactly what BBL Esports did in the second half. In addition, AsLanM4shadow and aimDLL popped-off to secure a 13-10 win.


With the self-confidence ensured by their 2-0 lead, BBL took a 7-5 score advantage in the first half, but I must say for being on the defender’s side in Split, that isn’t a good lead. BBL Esports increased the score difference by winning the first three rounds of the second half, but Futbolist were able to close the gap. In that time, legoo, who was phenomenal throughout the map, came to the forefront once more, and closed the series 13-10, securing BBL’s victory.

This is the way

Having the most fans and a roster of the most talented players in Turkey brings huge expectations. BBL Esports felt that pressure at the highest level throughout the tournament, especially when they were knocked-out of the second open qualifier, but they came back to win it all. As Nietzsche said: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

At the start of First Strike: Turkey, BBL wasn’t even considered a potential top two team due to previous performances. However, those thoughts changed when during the first series that BBL took the stage; they looked different and stronger than ever. After winning the first match against Oxygen Esports in the semi-finals, the champion of Turkey became unstoppable. They didn’t lose in clutch situations, put great effort in retakes, and most importantly, every member of the team played like they were the bosses of the scene.

After this kind of tournament run, BBL Esports became the favorite of the grand final. The team did what they do best: win important rounds, perform nearly perfect in clutch moments, and pop-off when they had to. 

Normally, I mention the important names of the series in my articles, but if I write down only a couple of names here, it would be unfair for the rest of them. AsLanM4shadoW, russz, aimDLL, kero, Legoo; they were all magnificent all way long and well deserved to be champions. Congratulations BBL Esports!

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