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BeanBot learned to love, then he left us

We collectively shed a tear when the Mars Rover could no longer grace us with her interstellar presence. Now, the world gets to mourn another robot, BeanBot, who took over Fall Guys twitter and our hearts.


Before we discuss the aftermath, it’s only fair we discuss the activation. In the before times of September 3, 2020, there was no BeanBot. Fall Guys twitter was abuzz with memes, and the top non-political news stories of the day were that The Rock and his family tested positive for COVID-19 and that former Mets pitcher, Tom Seaver, had died (my dad was really upset about that.)

Then, the sun rose on the fourth of September, and the internet woke up to this:

A brand new state of the art blob AI the likes of which the world had never seen, had taken over Fall Guys’ twitter account, and for the following nine days, he graced us with his presence.

Bean Bot was hilariously delightful and very in the know when it came to memes, giving us such classics such as:

Not only was he a charming robot, but he was incredibly helpful. Twitter users could learn amazing tips to become better Fall Guys players.

For example, when playing Hex-a-gone:

Who knew? I sure didn’t. Or what about this insider advice for Tail Tag that only a robot with knowledge beyond our understanding could ever come up with:

It’s a miracle BeanBot arrived. Unfortunately, like all good things, BeanBot had to come to an end. He warned us each day, counting down when he would “Self-destruct,” but even though BeanBot was aware of his impending demise, he made the time to entertain us all, and provide us with content that we will truly savor forever.

Even we at Stropse were grateful for BeanBot, and sometimes would ask this robotic overlord for favors.

Now, as the world moves on, we will never forget the short time BeanBot was with us. Artist DD da Artist truly put it best in this masterpiece.

Photo courtesy of DD da Artist and Fall Guys Twitter

So long BeanBot. May your code live on in our computers and your memory in our minds… and computers.

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