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Big Name YouTubers Mess around with Proximity Chat in Among Us

With Among Us still going strong, mods and alternative game modes have started to crop up to spice up your average game with friends. One particularly interesting addition is the feature of proximity voice chat, which was implemented by a large group of popular streamers and YouTubers in a recent set of videos. While there was some initial confusion upon release, the gamemode itself looks great and plays pretty well, which has led to widespread experimentation by other players at large.

Among Us
Courtesy of Innersloth

This event was originally organized by the Game Grumps and utilized a unique form of proximity chat, allowing players to hear each other when they are nearby each other on the map, with voices fading out with more distance. Not only does this allow living players to talk to each other when they run into each other, it also allows ghosts to talk to other ghosts without risking spoiling their deaths to their still-living crewmates. This adds a new layer to the game by providing more opportunities to lead people astray with words and lies from imposters, who can ask players to follow them to secluded locations to secure a kill, or allow innocent crewmates to question imposters more thoroughly about the tasks that they may be pretending to do at any given time.

Screenshot from Among Us courtesy of Innersloth

With a full roster of 10 players, it was a large collaborative effort among the players, with the aim of cross-promoting each other by linking all the other users’ videos to each other and releasing them on a specific date for the maximum effect. However, there was some initial confusion, as Markiplier accidentally released his initial video featuring the collab early. He later explained this goof-up in his second video, and further went on to encourage viewers to go and watch all the other linked videos and leave nice comments, even going so far as to tell people to leave terrible comments on his own video to make up for it. And, true to form, Mark’s comments on the video became full of copy-pastes stating:


“What a bad YouTuber”

“This video is terrible”

“I can’t believe I watched this video”

With mirrored comments on all the other collaborators videos saying things like:

“I’ve never seen a better game.”

“You should have killed Mark, that jerk, more.”


“Best Among Us video on the internet”

“Love this video”

“Wow cool video”

“Wow, I can’t believe this video exists.”

“It’s incredible in every way.”

“I’ve never seen such a good video.”

“So much better than breathing.”

In a twist of fate, this may have actually resulted in MORE overall comments on everyone’s videos than if Markiplier had originally followed the upload plan laid out by the team. It’s a heartwarming message from the community to be silly and help each other out.

The comment section on 3 of the videos. Courtesy of Youtube, Markiplier, GameGrumps, RubberRoss, me. 

The comments were so frequent that RubberRoss actually commented on it as well, in the same style as the aforementioned comments. It’s a fun take on a mistake, and it’s great to see the community coming together in such force to make it happen. The 10 players in the team were Markiplier, Dan & Arin from The Game Grumps, RubberRoss, Alanah Pearce, bugsnhaxer (octolinghacker), Jaiden, Dodger (PressHeartToContinue), Mortem3r, and Jacksepticeye. Be sure to check all of them out, except Markiplier, of course, whose videos are terrible.

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