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Mid-Season Fall Guys Update: Big Yeetus is now Live!

If Fall Guys was getting a little boring for you, fear no longer. Fall Guys had a mid-season update that focused on anti-cheating as well as the inclusion of “Big Yeetus,” with massive hammers being placed around some of the levels. In this article I will go over all the major changes, so you and your friends will be ready to get that golden crown next time you play.

Big Yeetus
Big Yeetus. Courtesy of Mediatonic

Before going into the level changes, I just want to make sure you are all hyped up fully about the Big Yeetus hammers. These bad boys can either knock you out of you way, totally ruining your chances for qualifying, or they can help you out like they did this guy and save your run

For starters, the maps that have been changed with this update are Door Dash, Fall Mountain, Slime Climb, Hoarders, Gate Crash, See Saw, Hit Parade, The Whirly Gig, Fall Ball, Rock and Roll, and finally Dizzy Heights.

In Door Dash, there are now bouncy polls that go near the doors that can mess you up as you try to time your jump. There is also a Big Yeetus near the end that can propel you to the finish line if you need that extra boost or totally mess up your finish.

In Fall Mountain, there is a Big Yeetus near the end in the middle sector of the level that can propel you to the crown if you are behind and need a last second win. Be warned: this is no easy task and I would only recommend doing it if you are about to lose.

Slime Climb, my personal favorite map, has become even harder. The ball cannon can now shoot logs that can trip you up at the end of the map and there can either be numerous Big Yeetus’ or bouncy polls.

Hoarders now has several Big Yeetus’s on the map that can add to the fun and there are also bouncy polls that go between each team,, making it harder to move around.

In Gate Crash, the gates can now go in numerous different patterns. So, if you think you have the timing down to a science, you will have to go back to being a little bit of a noob.

See Saw only got a couple changes: there are a couple new ways to go through the map and also a Big Yeetus at the end.

Hit Parade added a couple different random obstacles. Also, a key thing to point out is that you can no longer stick to the edges on the final obstacles to avoid being hit. You will now need to actually dodge the polls in order to finish.

In The Whirly Gig, the polls can go in different directions. The fans can also change directions. This will make the level a little harder, but I feel that players will catch on pretty quick.

In Fall Ball, the time got lowered to 2 minutes, so you will need to score those points early. There can also sometimes be swinging balls that protect the goal. Finally, there is a moving platform in the middle of the map that will no longer allow players to head in easy points when the balls spawn in.

Rock and Roll now has bouncy polls and a Big Yeetus that can hit your ball at the end and help you catch up to the other teams if your team has lagged behind.

Finally, in the last updated level, Dizzy Heights, the spinners can go in different directions and at the end there is another Big Yeetus.

So, those are all the changes I noticed added in the Big Yeetus update. Did I miss any? Which one is your favorite?

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