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The Biggest Games to Fail in the Market These Past Two Years

Image courtesy of EnGadget

Not every title has guaranteed success. These games couldn’t find solid footing in the market,    even with big names behind them. Sometimes the more you try and fix a mistake, the worse you make the situation.

Fallout 76

Image courtesy of Polygon

Low-hanging fruit, I know, but when you think of massive bombs from acclaimed companies, this is among the first that comes to mind. Almost every aspect of this game was poorly handled. The announcement saw a fair mixture of hype and criticism. Even though you were finally able to explore the wasteland with your buddies, Fallout 76 found a way to get in-between that. Whether it was the constant game crashing, bugs, low quality “premium” items, or flat-out greed, Bethesda found a way to make things worse for the franchise. 

Granted, the game has seen major improvements since its initial release, and it does have a dedicated player base, but the damage dealt by Bethesda ensured it didn’t see the success they wanted it to.

The Crucible

Image courtesy of Shacknews

Amazon has so much money that it almost seems like they can’t fail. Almost. The Crucible is one of the company’s biggest failures this year, and it really put a damper on how many customers now view Amazon’s games. This game was designed by Amazon’s Relentless Studios, which before this primarily focused on tablet-based games. The game was an absolute mess and saw a pull-back into closed beta shortly after its beta release. Amazon later canceled the project due to being unable to properly secure a good future for the game and offered refunds to the players who bought items in-game. 

The game officially closed down its servers a few months ago, and it seems like it will never be active again.

The Avengers

Image courtesy of DenOfGeek

How could Square Enix let us down? I can’t count how many posts I saw on Reddit that leaked bursts of gameplay and shots of cosmetics. It looked and sounded like every Marvel fan’s dream. 

Until we saw platform-locked content, an insane amount of required grinding, and repetitive end-game content. We got almost the polar opposite of what we wanted, even though we were promised a ”Ten-Year Plan” that would see an extensive character and mission list. 

Now? The game isn’t doing so hot, and it’s been subject to multiple sales in the few months since its release. Whatever plans this game had are probably up to face review seeing how very few people are okay with the current product. 

These are just some examples of the games that couldn’t hack it in our modern market. For every winner, there has to be a loser, and these games just couldn’t make the cut.

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