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Brawlers and Skins and Gifts, Oh My! A Look at this week’s Brawl Stars Brawl Talk

Brawl Stars
This photo and all photos in this article courtesy of Supercell

Brawlidays has come early for Supercell’s popular MOBA game Brawl Stars. In a video released by Supercell a few days ago, plans were announced for free gifts for players including new skins and two brand-new brawlers. Here’s what you missed in today’s announcement.

Two Brand New Brawlers: Meet Byron and Edgar

Two brand-new brawlers are to arrive in December for players to unlock and play. First is Bryce: a Mythic rarity Brawler that serves as a utility brawler for his team as well as against enemies. His main attack is a Damage over Time that damages enemies and can heal enemies from a long distance. His Super is very similar to Barley’s: he throws a bottle leaving a pool of liquid that damages enemies and heals enemies when stepped on. He will be released the day after the update goes live.

Alongside Byron is Edgar, an edgy teenage fighter who wants to be cool. He is a short-range melee brawler who siphons life with each punch of his scarf. While he has very low HP, he makes up for it with his healing in-kit. His Super is also unique, as it can charge as he walks. It gives him the ability to jump over any terrain to strike his enemies. He will be free to play if unlocked during the Brawlidays and at an unknown unlock rate following the holidays.

New Cosmetics
As usual, Brawl Stars brings new skins to the game. For the holidays, Brawl Stars is introducing Snowman Tick, Holiday Party Frank and community-voted Nutcracker Gale. In addition, Tick, Crow, Darryl, Tara and Jessie will be each getting True Gold and True Silver skins. In January, to celebrate the Duo Showdown Challenge, Warrior Bo will be added to the game. Finally, close viewers will notice a shadowy illusion at the top of the following picture. It is rumored that Brock will have a new skin in homage to his original Brawl Stars design during beta.

In addition, new Christmas pins as well as animations for existing pins will be added to the game for both chat and in-game emotes. These will be part of the daily gifts by Supercell as part of the Brawlidays event in-game.

Balance Changes for Game Modes

A new mechanic will be added into Brawl Stars to prevent ties in the future for Gem Grab and Bounty.

For Gem Grab, a timer will be added after the last gem is deployed from the mine shaft. Once the thirty seconds are up, whichever team has the most gems will be the winner. Bounty will have one blue star that can be collected by players. Whichever team holds the star by the end of the game in the event of a tie.

There will also be assumed balance changes but those have yet to be properly announced.

With the newest update due any day, what are you most excited for?

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