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Bud Light Releases an Esports Mascot called Bud Knight

If you thought 2020 couldn’t get any stranger, be prepared to be surprised again. For some reason or another, the Bud Light corporation has decided to try their luck in the esports market. Bud Light created a twitter account for their mascot, “The Bud Knight.” The account has only around 400 followers for the time being and has not tweeted anything yet, but optics for Bud Knight are soaring after a Dota 2 mod was found containing a skin of the character.

Courtesy of Bud Light. Duh.

Although Bud Light only recently used the mascot to enter the gaming world, The Bud Knight has been a mascot for the company for a couple years, actually appearing in a couple of their Super Bowl commercials. Funny enough, the mascot was actually killed off in their 2019 Super Bowl commercial where he was burnt by a dragon, but I guess story continuity isn’t Bud Light’s prerogative.

For now, we can only speculate what The Bud Knight will mean for the streaming and esports community, but since qualifying information on the mascot is scarce, it seems as though Bud Light is simply looking to cash in on the rise of gaming throughout the last couple months during quarantine. With recent mainstream events bringing esports into the limelight— such as famous rapper Logic retiring from making music in order to focus on streaming— it seems many companies are realizing not only that esports is here to stay, but that they need to cash in on it quick. While I truly hope that this is not some scheme by the company to make an easy buck, without more information, I am already fearing the worst.

There are so many questions left to be answered in terms of the Bud Knight. Will he just be a commercial figure, or will he actually get on camera and stream to an audience? Will he be good at playing video games, or will he be purposely bad in order to get a few laughs? Call me a party pooper, but I’m not down for random companies joining the esports world only because it is what is “trendy” this day in age. If Bud Light is going to take this step, I hope they have fully thought it out and are ready to prove that they are not messing around.

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