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Call of Duty: Mobile Hits 100 Million Matches In One Day In China

Call of Duty: Mobile was launched in China on Dec. 25. The hype was real and the excitement from gamers was even bigger. The game was expected to hit really big downloads and player numbers in China, but clearly not this much.

Photo courtesy of Activision

China’s regulation laws delayed the releases of the game in the country. The Chinese gamer base is huge, especially in the mobile market. On top of that, Call of Duty’s delayed release made gamers even more excited and led to a massive first day.

According to the Twitter user @CODM_murdablast’s picture, the game reached 100 million players, but below the tweet, a fan explained that this number shows the number of ranked and public matches that were played on the first day.

Chinese Call of Duty: Mobile does not have the battle royale feature yet. Tencent added a training map to it but not the Warzone feature yet. It is expected that after the release of battle royale mod, Call of Duty: Mobile will break records that will be hard to catch up with.

Call of Duty’s future in China is pretty bright and it looks like Activision should be open to more agreements with Tencent to get into the Chinese market in the future.

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