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Call of Duty: Mobile is “Going Dark” with Season 12

The record-breaking mobile game Call of Duty: Mobile is preparing its upcoming 12th season. The game, which brings a bunch of fresh content in every new season, will continue to make its fans happy by offering new cosmetics, a new map and a possible night mode in Season 12. The season, which will be called “Going Dark,” is expected to be released on November 11th or 12th.

Call of Duty: Mobile
Courtesy of Call of Duty Mobile

There are just a couple of days left until the Season 12 premiere of Call of Duty: Mobile, but we still don’t know everything to come. However, the content confirmed up until this point is more than enough to excite the players. 

CoD players will receive a fresh map, Hackney Yard, which has carried over from Modern Warfare. The map is located next to the River Thamas and is relatively small. In Modern Warfare, Hackney Yard comes with a night mode, so it’s not a pipe dream to expect the night mode in Call of Duty Mobile, especially after hints that were given about the dark mode by official CoD accounts.

Refitter, the new battle royale class, is also coming to the game, as was announced through Twitter with a trailer. With the “Armor Pack” ability, Refitter puts armor packs on the ground which can be picked up by the player and their teammates. Each layer reduces bullet damage to all parts of the body excluding the head. Refitter’s passive, “Engineer,” repairs and increases the durability limit of her armor and vehicles.

The new operator skill, Ballistic Shield, is another new feature that awaits in Season 12. The new skill is similar to previous iterations of riot shields and serves as a durable, transforming defensive shield with a built-in machine pistol.

Garena and Activision haven’t shared the full information about the battle pass of Season 12 yet, but according to Garena’s Facebook page, a new SMG called AGR556 and the Urban Tracker will be waiting for us in the battle pass alongside the elite marksman Velikan.

Courtesy of Call of Duty

In the Going Dark trailer, Captain Price and Ghost have been displayed. However, there isn’t an official statement that indicates they will be in the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 12.

For more information on the new season and other CoD news, stay posted: us at Stropse have you covered.

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