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Call of Duty: Mobile Officially Launches In China

The Chinese government has strict rules about blood and violence in general. Games that are being played in the other parts of the world are struggling getting into the Chinese market. One of the biggest game companies in the world, Tencent, partnered with Activision and managed to find a way to officially launch Call of Duty: Mobile in China. 

Photo courtesy of Activision

China’s strict regulation policy made the release day almost a year after the rest of the world. Last August, a Chinese court gave permission to Call of Duty’s release and it was expected to be released on Dec. 25. Tencent did not waste any time and launched the game on the expected date. For now, it is not possible for Chinese and other players to play together since servers are different.

After the battle royale games became popular, Call of Duty decided to join the ecosystem as a veteran and caught players’ attention pretty quick. The game was already a masterpiece and a legend among gamers, and Activision adapting to the developing gaming world made the game’s player base even wider.

China’s population is huge and technology standards are pretty high which allows an admired game to hit incredible numbers in downloads and active users. The mobile game market is getting bigger and bigger every day with the increasing and developing smartphone usage. If a game gets into the top 10 of Google Play and Apple Store in China, you already know millions of people have downloaded it.

Call of Duty: Mobile has launched the new season a couple of days ago. You can find the patch notes here and other info about the new season here

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