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Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship Finals Cancelled

One of the most exciting parts of one of the year’s most highly-anticipated Call of Duty tournaments, Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship’s 2020 Grand Finals, has been cancelled. Activision announced that the cancellation decision was made because of the pandemic; the company made it clear that they put the health and well-being of players first. In order to retain a sense of equality, Activision came to the conclusion that the Grand Finals prize pool will be distributed evenly across all Stage 4: Regional Playoff Champions.

Call of Duty: Mobile
Courtesy of Activision

During this pandemic, travelling across the world and gathering people from different regions for a live event would have been dangerous. Activision made a brave call and put players’ health over viewership and all the other income that could have been made.

The prize pool of $750,000 will be distributed evenly across the seven teams (the Vietnam representative Oxygen Esports was excluded from the prize pool distribution.) The other seven teams that made it to Grand Finals will receive $107,000 each.

Courtesy of: Call of Duty: Mobile Twitter

Teams That Made It To The Grand Finals:

  • Tribe Gaming (North America)
  • INFLUENCE RAGE (Latin America)
  • KingsClan (Western Europe)
  • Team Mayhem (Eastern Europe & Rest of Asia)
  • T1 (South Korea)
  • REJECT (Japan)
  • NRX Jeremiah 29:11 (SEA/Taiwan)

Call of Duty: Mobile has been a huge success this year. The World Championship event caught fans’ eyes immediately and had decent viewership numbers. The game is in its second year now, and a $750,000 prize pool for the Grand Finals is actually huge.

Lots of highly-anticipated tournaments of different games were cancelled during this pandemic. Some organizers pursued having the tournaments online, but Activision didn’t really have much choice. Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 was designed to host 8 teams from different regions all around the world, which makes it hard to have it online. There are probably other reasons behind Activision’s decision as well.

We’ll have to wait and see what grand tournaments are in store for Call of Duty Mobile in 2021.

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