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Call of Duty Mobile’s New Map Nuketown Russia Has Been Revealed

Call of Duty: Mobile announced the new map “Nuketown Russia” via its social media channels, delighting fans across the internet. Activision gave information about the new map in an article and revealed basically the classic Nuketown covered with snow and patched with a few graphical updates.

Photo Courtesy of Activision

Nuketown Russia will be available with the new season, which is expected to start on December 20th. The map will be almost identical to the classic Nuketown, which has been around for a while. Activision not only covered it with snow, but also added some graphical updates to it. The addition of buildings and trains is one of the major changes Activision made. However, angles and strategies players have already been using with the old map will still work.

The company also gave some tips about the new map. Since the map is full of in-your-face engagements, players will need weapons that are effective in short range and have a large ammo pool.

Call of Duty Mobile’s Configuration Suggestion

Primary Weapon: Cordite

Attachments: MIP Laser 5mW, Merc Foregrip, Red Dot Sight 1, YKM Light Stock, Stippled Grip Tape

Secondary Weapon: FHJ-18

Perks: Flak Jacket, Amped, Dead Silence

Equipment: Smoke Grenade, Molotov Cocktail

Players have their own configurations but, as the game suggests, changing habits would be an on-point alteration here. Nuketown is a small map, so using short-range weapons sounds pretty strong. Call of Duty madmen have probably mastered the subject already, but having a few tips from the creators seems convincing.

The new Call of Duty: Mobile season is expected to start on December 20th. Before that day, we will not have hands-on experience in Nuketown Russia. Also, the new Russian theme looks cool. Embedding the climate of the country makes it look comprehensible and realistic. Let’s see if it meets expectations, since players are already going crazy on Twitter.

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