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Can We Please get Morgan Freeman Some More Video Game Voice Acting?

Everyone knows that Morgan Freeman is a national treasure. But why has his wonderful speaking voice been in so few video games?

If somehow you are unaware on who this wonderful man is, here is a little background on him. Freeman was born in 1937 and got his big break into fame when he was cast in all African American Broadway cast of Hello Dolly. Ever since then, he has been in too many movies to count, usually playing the well-spoken older character in the film. Some movies that you all may remember him from are the Batman series, Million Dollar Baby and the second Ted movie. In the movie Bruce Almighty, he even played God.

For an actor with such an amazing voice and vast movie resume, it really doesn’t make sense why this man has not been cast in very many video games. So far, the only ones for which he has been cast are for the video game adaptions for some of the movies he has been in. These include the Batman Begins video game and The Lego Movie video game.

After doing some thinking, I came to the conclusion that perhaps maybe video game audio is not something preferred by Mr. Freeman. He is on the older side and is maybe just not interested in expanding his career. Perhaps, it is up to his millions of fans to show him the world of video games as something worth getting into? I for one would be beyond pumped to start hearing his wonderful voice in more of the games I put so much blood and sweat into.

To end this article, here is just some more evidence on why this man is just simply the best. Behold, a video of Morgan Freeman on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon sucking on helium.

The man, the myth, the legend: let’s get Morgan Freeman in more video games.

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