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Clearlove Makes His Return to the Pro Play

Photo courtesy of Edward Gaming

League of Legends’ legendary Chinese jungler has returned to the rift. LPL representative Edward Gaming (EDG) has announced that Ming “Clearlove” Kai will be their jungler for the upcoming season. The 27-year-old player retired last year and became the coach of EDG.

The roster move was teased by Edward Gaming three days ago with a social media post, garnering speculation and rumors that Clearlove would return. Now, with an official announcement and after a year break, Clearlove has returned to the rift with the EDG jersey he’s been wearing since 2014. 

The announcement was accompanied with a video clip, in which Clearlove sits in front of a computer and plays League of Legends while wearing a suit. Then, veteran player leaves the computer, the screen goes black and Clearlove appears with an EDG jersey on him and says: “I’m back.”

Photo courtesy of Edward Gaming

Clearlove started his career in Team Phoenix as a mid laner in 2012, but his conversion to a jungler didn’t take long. At the end of August 2012, he began to serve for Team WE, and then slightly over a year later he moved to the team that established his legacy, Edward Gaming.

Playing nearly six years for Edward Gaming, Clearlove managed to reach massive success. Clearlove has grabbed five LPL championships, won the MSI championship in 2015, and has been a five time Worlds semi-finalist in Worlds during his EDG career. He still aims to win the trophy.

While his coaching career with EDG hasn’t been the brightest, as Edward Gaming didn’t qualify for the LPL playoffs in both 2019 and 2020, the veteran jungler is back and ready to play.

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