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Cloud9 Dissolves Its Korean VALORANT Roster

With the start of the tournament-free period, teams began to make changes in their rosters for the road of glory, but this one’s reason is a little bit different. Cloud9 announced it decided to part ways and dissolve the C9 Korea roster. The organization thanked all the players for their hard work and wished them luck in the post on Twitter.

Courtesy of Cloud9

After the farewell post, former C9 Korea players shared their thoughts on Twitter: “It’s sad to part ways with Cloud9, even though it was a short period we experienced a lot of positive things together,” said Sova player xeta. “I want to say a huge thank for giving me such great experiences and a chance to play full time under this amazing org.”

Munchkin, one of the star players of C9 Korea, also mentioned his sadness: “C9 thank you for everything. I’ve been so happy to be on the team. I hope we can meet again in a good way.” According to the players’ and Cloud9’s posts, it looks like this decision has been made due to an obligation, not for making the team better.

Back in October, Riot Games released the “VALORANT Esports Rules and Policies” rulebook, which consists of a rule saying that organizations can’t own more than one team. Also, Kasra Jafroodi, the head of strategy at VALORANT, mentioned that they won’t allow orgs to have multiple teams a while back. Even though there isn’t an official statement which verifies it, it’s likely Cloud9 made this decision because of the rule.

Cloud9 have two VALORANT rosters now: a full male squad in Cloud9 Blue and a full female squad in Cloud9 White. If the rule comprises these two teams, the organization might have to pick one of them to continue in the VALORANT scene.

Cloud9 Korea’s roster was:

  • Park “Bazzi” Jun-ki
  • Byeon “Munchkin” Sang-beom
  • Yu “BuZz” Byung-chul
  • Lee “Hate” Ye-hun
  • Son “Xeta” Seon-ho
  • Hyun “Pavane” Sang Yu (Head coach)
  • Yoon “Autumn” Eu-ddeum (Coach)
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