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Cloud9 Valorant Part Ways With IGL Shinobi

North American Valorant squad Cloud9 have officially parted ways with Josh “shinobi” Abastado. The popular team failed to qualify for First Strike after a devastating loss to T1 in the UMG Qualifier.

Image courtesy of HLTV

As a former Counter Strike professional, shinobi made the switch to Valorant back during the game’s beta. After being officially signed back on July 31, Shinobi began competing with Cloud9 as a trial member since May. 

As Cloud9’s main Omen player and IGL (in-game leader), shinobi played an essential part in Cloud9’s composition. The 26-year-old labored his way through the First Strike qualifiers, struggling to reach a KDA (kill/death/assist) of higher than one in many of his matches. 

As possibly the biggest organization to miss out on First Strike in North America, many expected Cloud9 to shake up their roster following the event’s conclusion. With franchise superstar Tyson “TenZ” Ngo under contract, the team still has enormous potential, and is more than capable of building a roster around their star. 

With Shinboi’s departure, the team will be on the market for an Omen main, as well as a new IGL. It is currently unknown will fill that role, but with the NSG x Complexity Invitational nearly a month away, the team will be looking at replacements as soon as possible. 

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