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cvMax Suspended Until May 2021 Due To Griffin Dispute

eSports Fairness Committee found cvMax guilty and gave him a penalty of not being able to participate in esports organizations for five months.

Photo Courtesy of Griffin

cvMax and Griffin dispute has remained uncertain for a long time now. The Korean coach was accused of abusing his players and Griffin’s previous top laner Sword testified against him in front of the Korean eSports Fairness Committee. The committee found cvMax guilty and banned him from participating in any esports organizations for five months. After leaving Griffin in 2019, cvMax worked with another Korean top-tier organization DRX.

During the trial, Sword said he could not testify when cvMax was in the courtroom, so authorities placed the coach in another room, according to Inven Global. Sword’s main concern was the physical and mental abuse which cvMax applied on him, because he was performing poorly. He said that the Korean coach shaked his shoulders, hit his chair and used harsh language while criticizing his performance. Sword accepts the fact that his performance was not even near “OK,” but he was uncomfortable about his coach’s attitude. With all the evidence against him, the committee agreed to give cvMax a five-month penalty. You can find the committee decision in Korean here.

LCK team DRX should start looking for a new head coach since the committee does not want to change the decision that has been made. Looks like we will not be seeing cvMax around for a while, at least one split.

On the other hand, there is another police investigation with no conclusion against cvMAx which was filed by Sword a while ago.

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