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Cyberpunk 2077 Easter Egg Contains a Surprising Celebrity Cameo

During the first act of Cyberpunk 2077, players have access to a little surprise which reveals that Keanu Reeves isn’t the only familiar face you are able to interact with in the game. It comes during the final story mission of the game’s prologue, titled “The Heist,” in which you check into a stylishly luxurious hotel in preparation for an important job. The job may or may not be in conjunction with the title of the mission.

Cyberpunk 2077
Courtesy of CD Projekt Red

After checking into one of the best hotels that  Night City has to offer, you are given the timed option of heading to your room or checking out the hotel bar. If you choose to look around the hotel bar, you will notice an atmosphere of gold-plated bartenders, some drunkenly erupting patrons, and the easter egg cameo relaxing on the booth to the right of the bar.

The person sitting in the booth is none other than famed video game designer and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima accompanied by a small group of futuristically fashionable characters.

You are able to overhear Kojima, whose in-game name is Oshima, giving a relaxed lecture to his friends about his philosophy of entertainment and the Cyberpunk invention known as braindances. As an entertainment medium that replaces video games, braindances are the recorded memories of an individual that can be accessed and experienced by another user. Oshima speaks about how his biggest problem with braindances is that they are “too simplistic,” “the same as movies that rely on genre tropes,” and that he wants to create productions that “convey real, raw human emotion.” It almost sounds as if they took audio of him talking about the development of Death Stranding and used it for his dialogue. 

After Oshima finishes his cultural critique, you have the option of saying hello to him. He replies to your greeting by asking if you have something to pitch to him. The options for your dialogue with him do not extend beyond saying hello repeatedly until he gets annoyed and dismisses you. The game does an excellent job at conveying what a real life interaction with Hideo Kojima might consist of: educational talks about art, awkward interactions with bystanders, and him going by a different name.

Courtesy of gamesradar and CD Projekt Red

Gamers are in for a pleasant surprise if they’re able to find the easter egg involving the esteemed game industry giant. It serves as closure for fans to see that instead of developing his highly-anticipated Silent Hill installment, Hideo Kojima has been living it up in a Night City bar.

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